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It's Never A Bad Day At The Market

Saturday was the opening day of The Ligonier Country Market. Although things were a bit different this year, our soap family and market family did not disappoint. We are so grateful to all who came out to support us, support the market, and shop locally. It is good to be back, see friendly faces, and make new connections. I simply can’t say enough good things about my soap family. You all amaze me, and I appreciate all you bring to my world. Thank you for all you do.

The market setup is a bit different, but this will not last. If you are a regular at the market, you know how wet and boggy the field can be. The market was fortunate enough to receive a grant to improve the grounds and hopefully dry up some of the wetness that plagues the market field. The downfall to this grant is it just came through, and the work must be done during the market season. For the next few weeks, the setup will be challenging. The vendors were moved into the parking area, the shoppers were encouraged to park at the high school, and the market’s footprint is relatively wide-reaching, making for a lot of walking.

With all that to consider, the market and its fantastic board made every effort to accommodate the market-goers and did not leave out any details. Shuttle buses are running to transport market-goers and make access to the market as easy as possible. Loading areas have been established so that market-goers don’t have to carry their purchases onto the shuttle or the walk to the school. There was a small army of volunteers directing traffic, helping market-goers, and assisting in any way possible. This is what impresses me about The Ligonier Country Market. They care about their patrons and will go to great lengths to ensure their happiness, accessibility, and comfort.

Was it a perfect situation? No. However, everyone involved tried to make the absolute best of it and be as accommodating as possible. I have said it often, and I maintain that there is never a bad day at The Ligonier Country Market. My vendor friends pulled out all the stops and had an overwhelming amount of beautiful wares available. It was so good to see everyone laugh, catch up, and be out among people again. Although I love our farm, it is also good to be out among people who are happy to see you and appreciate what you do.

If you are looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, The Ligonier Country Market is the perfect way to spend a day. My suggestion would be to go early. I’m talking about being there at 7:30 or even a little earlier. The market doesn’t open until 8:00. There is a hard and steadfast rule that vendors are not permitted to sell before 8:00 a.m. but early is best to avoid sitting in traffic for extended periods of time and shopping for the best selection and freshest produce. Walking and window shopping for a half-hour are good ways to decide what purchases you want to make.

Also, be sure to come with an appetite. Of course, one must have an Aunt Julia’s Donut! Tyler’s also offers a delicious breakfast burrito and pepperoni rolls. One can’t go wrong with grilled pizza, gyros, and coffee from The Darkside. Sandhill Berries was offering gorgeous strawberries. La Vignetta Winery did not disappoint. Also, my sweet and talented friend Christina Moore was offering a delectable variety of sweet confections, from multi-berry pie, macaroons, and chocolate-covered honeycomb, to fantastic gourmet cake push-pops. Seriously, the food here is worth the drive. The Bibbed Wonder likes to tell people he is fifty pounds lighter before the market season begins. I have to laugh at him because he is going on a walk every hour to get something to eat. I am trying to limit my market treat to just one donut and something delicious from Christina. It isn’t easy to be good.

We had a great day and are so happy market season has begun. To those who came out to support us, thank you. We can’t wait to see you for those who couldn’t make it. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, come out and enjoy the market season, and keep washing your hands.

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