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It's Not About Perfection

Well, dear reader, The Bean informed me this morning that there are eight days until Christmas. Sigh. As I sit writing to you, I am looking at a tree that is up but undecorated. I don’t have the stockings up and not a single holiday decoration is in place. Although my shopping is done, I don’t have anything wrapped. Not a single cookie has been baked, and there is no Christmas candy. Sigh. At this point, I think some of what I usually do for the holidays will go undone.

Between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, The Bean participating in her school musical, and contracting this stomach bug, it has been an offseason. It’s been almost two weeks, and I still don’t feel well. Yesterday, I tried to work in the studio, but The Bibbed Wonder sent me back to the house to lie down because I looked like “germs and death.” He’s such a charmer. I’m ashamed to say I slept the entire day. Sigh. I insisted on picking up Jordan from play practice and came home to my bib overall wearing buddy making his favorite go-to meal creamed beef over toast or SOS (Sh** On A Shingle). I sat and watched a Hallmark movie while he and The Bean worked on homework, and then I went to bed. I can’t help but recognize how lucky I am to have such a good partner. He is a gift.

The Bean has been working hard on her school musical. Tonight is the big night, and we will finally get to experience all the success of the time, and hard work the kids, teachers, and volunteers have put in. It’s very exciting. I know she is mine, and I am biased, but boy, she makes me proud. I love her fearlessness, her commitment, and her work ethic. Watching her grow, learn, and discover who she is and what she is good at is such a joy. I’ve always been kind of quiet and introverted. Her self-confidence amazes me. She truly is a wonder.

I believe Saturday, before the play, we will work on our decorations. We have plans with GramBarb to bake some cookies on the 23rd, and I will try to get some presents wrapped today while The Bean is in school. At this point, it’s not about perfection. It’s really about spending time together, enjoying each other, and celebrating the reason for the season. Christmas will go on if the house isn’t decked out, we don’t have a ton of fattening treats, and the presents don’t look like a photoshoot from Pinterest. Realizing that my family is a gift from God, sharing the story of Christmas, and appreciating the good life I have been blessed with is what Christmas is about for me.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, don’t forget to enjoy your loved ones, and keep washing your hands.

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