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It's Okay If Your Sparkle Isn't Apparent

My favorite “sparkly” goobers :) :) :)

This week is a busy and exciting week for us here at The Smiling Goat Soap Company. August 13th is our much anticipated Shaker Woods Festival’s first day. We will spend the week preparing our little building in the woods, taking our products to the show site, and decorating for the festivities. There is a dress code for the show at Shaker Woods. My bib overall wearing wonder buns will be wearing custom-made black, lightweight bib overalls with a white shirt. The Bean and I will be wearing simple black maxi dresses. I just can’t bring myself to don “proper Shaker attire.” I’m all about dressing up for Halloween, but wearing a bonnet all day in a public setting is just too much. I feel as though I have a big head, to begin with, and accentuating it with a bonnet does nothing for my self-esteem. Some remanents of vanity remain.

I have spoken to my friend and business mentor, Trish, several times in the past few days. Trisha is a Shaker Woods Festival veteran. I love my friend and appreciate her honesty and sound business advice. Trish is a straight shooter; in my opinion, this is one of her best qualities. There is no sugar coating, no tip-toeing around a subject. She simply gives it to you straight and matter-of-factly. Trish and I discussed my concerns for the show, what I feel is essential vs. what really matters, and the roles The Bibbed Wonder, The Bean, and I would fulfill during our big show.

In proper Trisha form, she began with, “You know I love you,” as she chuckled her funny Trisha chuckle. When Trish starts with, “You know I love you….” I brace myself because she is going to tell me something that I usually don’t want to hear, like she agrees with Eric on a business-related issue or points out my bean is only two years from driving a car, alone, without me…insert muffled sob, I digress. So, Trish begins with, “You know I love you, and I think you’re amazing, but you need to put your daughter and your husband out front and let them handle the sales.” I laughed and told her she does nothing for my self-esteem. She continued to chuckle and explained that Jordan is an excellent salesperson and who can say no to her because she is so cute, clever, and just-Jordan-like. I agree with this one hundred percent. Trish then went on to say that with Eric’s” humor, charm, and open personality, he could sell ice to a polar bear. I laughed and told her I agreed entirely with her. I commented that The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean have an undeniable sparkle. Trish being Trish, tried to soothe what she thought could be my wounded pride and informed me, “You sparkle too. It’s just that when you get to know you, that’s when it’s your time to shine.” I laughed at her weak attempt to make me feel better.

The sparkle I see in my two favorite goobers is not wasted on just me. Of course, I think Jordan is remarkable; she’s mine. However, others see it too, and one can’t resist her million-watt smile, adult-like attitude combined with the purity and whimsy of a well-loved kid. My daughter is my hero for a lot of reasons. Making her the face of our little company makes sense. As far as my husband goes, his sparkle drew me to him. Those twinkly blue eyes with the bright spark of mischief are alluring. His smile goes all the way to his eyes, and God help me, that sense of humor and mouth. Although he claims he is simply “walking sex,” and that’s why people are attracted to him, insert eye roll and long, lengthy sigh, he does have a certain wicked charm that draws in most people. I often agree with him that it is his sexual magnetism that attracts people. Sometimes, dear reader, it’s just easier to agree with him. Of course, I have to point out that he wears the pants of a toddler, and all women find men in “buddy pants” attractive. This observation is rebuffed with his favorite saying, “women want me, men want to be me, children and dogs adore me.” Sigh, the man is exhausting.

With my permanent scowl, which sadly is just my face, my reserved demeanor, my propensity to sit back and observe, and my reluctance to speak unless I feel comfortable with a person, I see why my dear friend Trish suggests I “work the cash register.” As a self-proclaimed introvert, I feel more comfortable in the background than in the spotlight. I believe as I get older, this characteristic becomes more distinct. I have always believed that it’s “better to be silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” That Abe Lincoln was a wise and admirable man. I am more than good with stepping back and letting my bib overall wearing wonder buns and my favorite little bean sparkle away.

We would love it if you could come to see us in Ohio. The Shaker Woods Festival is worth the drive. You will see my sparkly hubby and child doing their sparkly thing. I will be standing off to the side, scowling but not genuinely scowling; I just have a stern face; I get it from my dad. I will be admiring the ease in which my two favorite goobers show when being around a lot of unknown people. We all have our strengths, dear reader. Mine is working quietly in the background.

On this hot, humid day in August, stay safe, be smart, appreciate your strengths, and keep washing your hands.

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Én kommentar

08. aug. 2022

Make sure to post pictures of your little building all set up. Have fun this weekend and enjoy watching The Bean and The Bibbed Wonder using their unique personalities and don't forget you have your own unique personality....let it shine!!

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