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It's Time For Fall At The Farm 2023

It's hard to believe, dear reader, but it is time for our Fall at the Farm event on Saturday, October 7, from 9-1. This is hands down my favorite event of the year. I so enjoy welcoming everyone to our farm, introducing our goats, and sharing a day with my favorite artisan friends and small business owners. This year, we are adding new vendor friends, photo opportunities, and a meet and greet with Little Lester, the main character in my children's book, which I collaborated on with artist Sue Hbures, a children's activity corner organized by the one and only Bean, and live music. Fingers crossed, I will be able to share a few other fun additions with you very soon.

Let's talk about food because we all love good food. Our featured food truck this Fall is Hot Ash Wood Fired Pizza. I am thrilled they are able to join us for our small farm event. If you are a fan, it's an excellent opportunity to come out and enjoy their amazing pizzas and subs. If you haven't tried them, you need to make it a point to come out and see what the buzz is about.

Aunt Julia's Donuts will grace us with their presence. I love Julia and her donuts. You won't meet a sweeter, harder-working professional and team. We adore Julia and her team of merry donut makers.

One cannot have donuts without coffee. I am pleased to share that Margie from Sit and Stay Cafe will join us to serve hot coffee, cold brews, Italian sodas, and smiles. Her cafe is a coffee house with a cause. She supports rescue dogs and the Indiana County Humane Society. This happens to be where we rescued our big red handsome, Buster. Please come out and support this fantastic local new business.

Speaking of dogs, we cannot forget our canine friends. Canine Confections and my bestie, Trisha, will be here with her gourmet, healthful, all-natural pet treats. My boys, Chubby and Buster, only eat Trisha's treats and wear Trisha's collars. Everything that goes into the treats from Canine Confections can be found in your kitchen. I feel confident giving my boys treats from Canine Confections because I know they are made with care, love, and a conscience.

My dear friend, Christina, artisan and owner of Confections by Christina, will be here with her unique gourmet creations. Christina's creations are masterful works of art. Christina is a classically trained pastry chef with exceptional artistic talent. She sources her ingredients locally, following what is in season and from Europe. Christina is a treasure, and her creations are gems.

My favorite fun headband-wearing baker, Sharon, aka Mrs. Nut Roll, will be here with her delectable nut rolls, apricot rolls, and poppy seed rolls. Miss Sharon is one of my absolute favorite people. I love her, I love her products, and I love their family story. I hope you have an opportunity to talk with this wonderful lady and experience her nut rolls.

My friends from Broken Locust will join us to share their unique, healthful, and delicious herbal tea blends. Pat and Sherry are a delightful couple to be around. Sherry's tea blends are calming and comforting and taste fantastic. Her peppermint tea blend was a God send when I had the stomach flu! Try these fresh, locally grown, hand-blended teas. Lipton cannot compare. You won't be disappointed.

Our friend, Honey Bee Jerry, will be here with his gifts from the apiary. Pairing fresh, local, raw honey with fresh, local, hand-blended teas is a gift to yourself or your favorite tea lover. Jerry is an endless resource of information and knowledge on all things bees and honey. I encourage you to come out and have an in-depth conversation with Jerry. He's a fascinating fellow.

County Line Maple Syrups will sweeten the event with their delicious, all-natural maple syrup products. Maple is a yummy fall flavor that is often overlooked. Stock up on your locally made maple syrup for delightful fall treats, holiday baking, and pancakes on those crisp autumn mornings.

I am so excited for this year's Fall at the Farm event. We are diligently working to create a fun, low-key, family-friendly event for all to enjoy. We go with our philosophy of keeping it simple, keeping it real, giving you our absolute best, and sharing with you all the fantastic talent that is right here in our local community. Tomorrow, I will share with you our list of local artisans who will join us to make the day extra special. Until then, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, mark the date on your calendar for our Fall at the Farm event, and keep washing your hands.

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