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It's Written In Stone

At last, we have reached the final step in our liquid soap journey. After handing out samples, The Bibbed Wonder made one more sample batch and added xanthan gum to mix. Although he was pleased with the result, I felt we had received enough constructive criticism and feedback to justify calling it done. We finally settled upon a final product, packaging, and lastly, labels.

On Wednesday afternoon, The Bibbed Wonder and I sat and created labels. He did all the technical work, and I chose the fonts, wording, and placement. As of now, dear reader, the Foaming Goat’s Milk Hand Soap is written in stone. Well, more accurately, written on a label set to be printed, it’s almost as good as stone.

Once the labels are printed and shipped, which should take about ten days, we will have our Natural Scent and Milk and Honey Scent Foaming Hand Soap on the website and ready to ship. We decided to call our unscented soap naturally scented because with the feedback received; people say it has a pleasant, warm scent; it’s not entirely unscented. I believe the sugars in the milk create a warm scent. It’s not unpleasing; it just isn’t 100% scent-free, if that makes sense. We definitely didn’t add any type of fragrance to it; it just has a pleasing sweet scent.

We are excited to offer what we feel is an exceptional new product. We are so grateful to those who have been willing to sample, offer feedback, read the never-ending blog posts about liquid soap and its making, and offer support. In the end, dear reader, our soap family makes what we do worthwhile. We couldn’t do it without you all, and we appreciate it.

Stay safe, be smart, look forward to the liquid soap coming very soon, and keep washing your hands on this sunny Friday morning.

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