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It Took A Pandemic

I am slowly beginning to ease back into watching the news on a regular basis. I still find myself annoyed and exasperated by the ongoings of this country. Still, I am happy not to be browbeaten and verbally assaulted with election ads every time I turn on my television. The Bibbed Wonder and I sat watching the news the other night, and there was a headline about a small business selling grow your own Christmas trees. I might add this is a concept I found to be simple and charming. However, the segment went on to showcase how thousands are now starting a new tradition of opting for a real Christmas tree over a fake tree in an attempt to support their local economies. It was also highlighted that there is a considerable movement in "buy American."

The Bibbed Wonder being analytical, or perhaps cynical, says, "After watching how many manufacturing companies close or move overseas and years of tariffs and poor trade deals, people are just now catching onto buying American? Good job, Americans!" He says with annoyance, "It took a pandemic, really?" Being the annoying optimist, I feel like at least people are aware and are making an effort to support companies in our country and our communities. It isn't too late; it's never too late. So it took a pandemic, at least it's happening. It is never too late for a beginning. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something great.

I have written before about the importance of the small family farm, buying local, buying from those who care, have integrity, and are making moves to support our community. I feel the same about all small businesses. These businesses are the foundation of our communities. They add depth, creativity, financial security, and opportunities for our young people in our communities. They are individuals with a dream, an idea, a skill, and a fearlessness to build something.

After the big holiday shopping kickoff this weekend, I say "thank you" to all who took the time, made the effort, and rallied around us to support our dream. We appreciate you and are grateful for all you do. Without the cynicism, I say, "So it took a pandemic, good job indeed, Americans." It doesn't matter what got us here. One should be grateful that this is where we are going.

On this cold, snowy, blowy Wednesday, dear reader, continue to stay safe, stay smart, thank you for supporting small businesses, and wash your hands. The sooner we can end this thing, the more opportunities we will have to grow, build, support, and enjoy what each of us has to offer.

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I thought I would have anxiety when this started but I found that I love working at home and being at home. I rarely miss my "old life" and I am highly quarantined due to a need for heart surgery during this mess. I trust you'll find ways to achieve contentment and happiness 😘

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