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Well dear reader, my bibbed wearing buddy has finally reached his breaking point. My husband is generally a patient man. He exercises logic and rationale with a calm demeanor and a smile while I sit and overthink, brew like a storm, and have an uncontrollable twitch in my left eye when trying to keep it in check. Yes, my Bibbed Wonder is often my rock, my grounding rod, and the voice of reason. The events of last night finally sent him over the edge.

You see The Bibbed Wonder and my big red dog crush have a love/hate relationship. Buster and Eric vie to be number one in my world and let’s face it, Buster doesn’t play “What did I scratch last?”, snap me with wet towels, or steal my snacks and eat half of them when I am not looking…who would be number one in your world? However, the Big B has some terrible habits. The fact that I find everything this adoring dog does to be charming and quirky doesn’t help.

The B Dog sealed the deal with The Bibbed Wonder last night. I made my bibbed wearing buddy no bake cookies. I try really hard to not have sweet treats around the house because A) we don’t need them B) I will eat them…all of them C) I am trying to maintain the dietary changes my friend CiCi made while she was staying with us. However, Eric mentioned he was hungry for no bake cookies and being the wonderful, attentive wife, I am…sorry, even I can’t stop laughing at that one…I made him cookies. I spooned the gooey mixture onto waxed paper and let them set on the counter to cool.

We normally have a drink on the porch in the evening. Eric went in to get his drink, saw his cookies, ate two of his cookies, and came out smiling…mission accomplished. However, Buster had gone inside with him and he had left Buster in the house unattended. Now mind you, the counter is the distance of a neck stretch for the Big B. Yes, he did it. He helped himself to all of The Bibbed Wonders cookies.

When we went inside, all that remained of the cookies was the shredded waxed paper scattered about the floor. The Bibbed Wonder was livid. He has declared war with my big red dog crush. He has also given me an ultimatum, declared through clenched teeth, that I “get that incorrigible, red, shedding, thieving beast under control or he can’t stay!” Now, I know he won’t make me get rid of my dog…at least I don’t think he’ll make me get rid of my dog… but he can make us all…the B Dog included, miserable if behaviors don’t change. My bibbed wearing buddy doesn’t often give ultimatums, generally they don’t work for me. However, this time, I think I had better work to make some changes or my big red crush will be destined to sleep in his crate for the rest of his days.

Yes, poor Buster was scolded and made to sleep in his crate. He never sleeps in his crate. He sleeps on his bed beside our bed and that is where he and I are happiest with him sleeping. He was not invited to go to the barn with The Bibbed Wonder in the morning. He was not given any extra bites at breakfast. He was not allowed to play his usual game of rough housing with Eric. My poor boy walked around all day like a pouting child. Eric declared he likes Buster better when he is pouting. I think Eric is being over the top mean. Eric thinks I am the reason my dog behaves so badly.

This week will be spent giving Buster a refresher course in manners and good behavior. It is harder on me than it is on him. I look at those intelligent eyes, the big red handsome head, and his comical personality and I melt. He knows I am smitten with him. However, if there is to be peace in the kingdom, everyone had best learn their place. My bibbed wearing buddy doesn’t ask for much. Training my dog not to eat his cookies is the least I can do for my buddy pants wearing buddy. Although, when he’s not so frustrated, I fully intend to tell him, “Karma baby, Karma.”

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, remember what they say about Karma, and keep washing your hands.

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