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Keep Glowing

I face today with mixed emotions. I put my baby on the school bus this morning. Many of you know I have struggled with the decision to do cyber school again or in person. We had decided upon cyber school but, to explore all options, attended seventh-grade orientation. Once Jordan was in the midst of kids her age, the decision was made for me. Her little face glowed, her smile was huge and bright, and she was happy and excited. After seeing her face, I knew what needed to happen.

I love having Jordan home with me. She keeps life interesting, and there is never a dull moment when she is around the house. This morning, as I sit writing to you, I find myself listening for the drop of her Fred Flintstone-like feet on the floor, her usual growling at my B-dog for being excited to see her, and her usual greeting of, “Hey-Oh!” that announces she is up for the day. This morning the house is still. I can hear the crickets chirping outside the living room window, and I notice the buzz of the appliances. It is too quiet for my liking.

Even the dogs know something is amiss. My Heavy-B sits at my side and lays a paw on my leg every once in a while as if to say, what’s up? There isn’t anyone to play with him and blow in his ear when he least expects it. Jordan’s boy, Chubs, is also a bit put off by the void created with Jordan going to school. He is lying on his bed, sighing and whining. He periodically gets up and looks at the stairs as if to say; she should be coming down any minute now.

Jordan attending school is going to be an adjustment for us all. However, all I have to do is think about that big smile and the glow of excitement she had at orientation, and I know I did the right thing for my girl. I hope she has a fantastic day, makes new friends, enjoys her current friends, and loves learning. I will cherish the year and a half I had her all to myself, but it’s time for her to share her gifts with the world. Keep glowing, my brave girl.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, keep glowing, and wash your hands.

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