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Keeping It Simple

Dear reader, I am on a mission. I am purging our home of all unnecessary items, and I am working one room at a time. You may remember I began an impulsive laundry room makeover. I am pleased to say my laundry room is 98% done. I have small things to do like put on new switchplate covers, change the light fixture, and hang a shelf, but there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. I love that feeling. The Bean paid me the greatest compliment of all. She said our laundry room is the prettiest room in the house, and it looks like a “real” room. I must say, doing endless loads of laundry doesn’t seem like such a chore now that everything is fresh and organized. I also beat The Bibbed Wonders ultimatum and was done in record time.

I have since moved on to The Bean’s room. My child is a fantastic child with many positive attributes; however, neatness is not one. I have purged her closet and drawers of everything that does not fit, looks tired or doesn’t get worn. I am ashamed to say we had eight large garbage bags filled with clothes. A friend of a friend was kind enough to take them off my hands. I hope her little girl gets happiness and use from them. I am now organizing The Beans closet and drawers and creating a space for everything and everything in its place.

It feels good to rid our home of clutter and excess. I know it sounds odd, but I feel lighter mentally. I also feel rejuvenated and have a new sense of motivation. Today, I can say all my laundry is washed, folded, and put away. It has been years since I have been able to say that. I was always good about washing laundry but putting it away felt like an unbearable burden. Now that the laundry room is organized and our closets are not vomiting excess and untidiness, I feel as though it is a chore I can handle with ease and a bit of pleasantness.

My next project is our closet. We share a walk-in closet, and it looks messy and uninviting. Eric and I hate sharing a closet. However, I think it can be a pleasant, organized space with a few changes, an organizational plan, and a bit of hard work. I enjoy the process of organizing, and I love to makeover a space. My impulsive approach to decorating and need for regular change used to make The Bibbed Wonder uncomfortable. He read in Cosmopolitan magazine that a woman who frequently changes the furniture arrangement is unsettled and unsatisfied in her life and with her partner. I do not consider Cosmopolitian a reliable source. However, I think it has more to do with Eric’s opposition to change than it has to do with my frequent redecorating. Although, I secretly smile at the thought of keeping him on his toes (insert wink).

Purging does feel great. Creating harmony and organization in our home feels terrific. Having the energy to tackle these projects feels even better. It is like a mental burden has been lifted. I have read that material objects are a mental albatross and weigh one down mentally and emotionally. I get that completely. My new approach is this, “if it doesn’t bring me joy, provide a service, and improve my life, it has to go.” Perhaps The Bibbed Wonder should be concerned with my new approach. This approach could work to keep his little bib overall wearing a$$ in line. I jest, nothing keeps him in line. Sigh.

On this rainy Thursday, dear reader, I hope you can rid yourself of things that weigh you down. As always, stay safe, be smart, keep it simple, and of course, wash your hands.

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1 opmerking

19 aug. 2021

I LOVE this! “if it doesn’t bring me joy, provide a service, and improve my life, it has to go.”

We all need to use this phrase multiple times per day! I have been trying to get my hubby on board with this....wish me luck!

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