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Keeping One's Knickers Up

I remember my grandma using the phrase, “getting caught with her knickers down” when she felt she was unprepared for something. This phrase has been popping into my head frequently as of late. I do my very best to make sure my knickers are up and fitting properly but let’s face it, we all get caught with our knickers down every now and again.

I think this virus thing caught a lot of individuals with their proverbial knickers down. Whether is was running out of toilet paper, not having a well-stocked pantry, or suddenly being thrust in to the role of teacher, many were taken by surprise at how quickly things changed and how unprepared they felt for that change. For much of the population, change is uncomfortable. When change is thrust upon you, well let’s just say those proverbial knickers get can get bunched or twisted.

As unsettling as these times are, I am pleased to see how gentle people are being with each other. There has been no violence, rioting, looting, or uptick in crime. From what I have observed, it has been quite the opposite. Neighbors and communities are coming together to help those in need, individuals are going out of their way to be of service, and there is a feeling of unity as we are battling this unseen enemy. Small things that I have noticed on the rare occasions I am out driving are that people are waving to each other again. When I was a kid, my dad waved to everyone as we were driving by. I would ask if he knew that person and often his response was, “No, that’s just the polite thing to do.” Even when I pass random cars on a dirt road, I notice the nonchalant hand go up in acknowledgment. It’s nice to see that again.

Another unique and thoughtful thing I have seen is the display of teddy bears in the windows or on the porches of homes. We live in a very rural area, as my bean and I drive to the little farm market where we have been doing our shopping, we counted 21 teddy bears on display. When I asked a friend what it was about, she informed me it was an activity to show support for the children of our community. There were even hay bales arranged to look like a teddy bear head in a hay field. It’s not only kind, it gave us something fun to do as we drove around together.

When I have driven through town in the late afternoon or early evening, I have noted people sitting in lawn chairs at the end of their driveway. They are holding beverages, laughing, and talking loudly to their neighbors who are sitting in their driveway as well. I haven’t seen such displays of being neighborly since I was a kid. When I was little, we would just drive around on a Friday or Saturday night and randomly choose a family to stop in to visit, unannounced with no formal invitation. I haven’t seen friendliness like that since I was in my teens. It’s refreshing to witness that resurrection.

I’ve seen very little bunching or twisting of said knickers. I have a feeling that should one get caught with one’s knickers down around their ankles, that one’s neighbors will be helping to pull those knickers up where they belong and perhaps tie an extra knot to help keep them in place. This is much more desirable rather than just pull out their phones, record it, and post it on social media as fodder for gossip. Keep up the good work human race, keep up the good work.

As we continue on this journey dear reader, please continue to stay safe, stay smart, keep your knickers up, and continue to wash your hands.

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