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Kidding Season Is Well Underway

Good morning, dear reader. Kidding season is officially underway, and it is a busy one. Waddles, our Boer goat with one teat, gave birth to triplets this morning. What are the chances that the goat with only one functioning teat gives birth to multiples yet again? Waddles is a fantastic mom. She is doing well and caring for all three little ones with love and gentleness. We pull the weakest kid and feed him a bottle to supplement Waddle’s milk. Otherwise, all is well.

Jordan’s little buddy, Mary Berry, gave birth to twins this morning. Sadly, one was stillborn. For a first-time mom, Mary Berry is very attentive and gentle. Her little guy is up, eating, and very vocal. He is large for a newborn and very robust. I am confident he will thrive, and Miss Mary Berry will be an amazing mom. It’s such a relief to have things go well.

My dear girl, Red, continues to struggle. Eric is on the phone with our veterinarian as I write to you. Red seemed to be improving over the weekend, but this morning she is again off; her posture is hunched and tense, her temperature is a few degrees lower than normal, and she just doesn’t look good. My poor girl has ceased making milk, so we have her babies in the heated garage and are on an every-four-hour feeding schedule. Her little girl, who we have named Midget, Midge for short, is doing very well. Her beautifully spotted little boy is doing okay but not as strong and robust as his sister. Midge is eating nine ounces of formula every four hours. The little guy is only eating half of that. Both their temperatures are good, they are making water, and their poo is normal. I feel like it takes little boys longer to get onto the bottle. Not to be unkind, but little boy goats don’t seem to be as bright as little girl goats. That’s just my observation. I believe the babies will be fine. It’s their mama that concerns me. I will be sure to keep you updated on Red. Please send healing thoughts to my sweet girl.

As if all that is not enough, Cindy Crawford, our beautiful, leggy lady with a brown beauty mark near her top lip, is in early-stage labor. We estimate we have three to four hours before she delivers. I am praying she has a healthy birth of twins. More than two babies is a lot of stress for our mamas. The cold temperatures aren’t making things any easier. A lot is going on here at the farm.

The Bibbed Wonder and I are running full steam in all directions. Between delivering babies, feeding little ones, and caring for our poor Red, it’s been a hectic morning. We are currently awaiting a phone call from the vet. I hope the vet is willing to make/has the time for a farm visit. If I lose my big red goat, I will be devastated. I apologize, dear reader; my blog posts may be a bit short for the next week or so. If you follow us on Facebook, you will see current pictures of the new babies and updates on our dear girl, Red.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, be smart, and please send good vibes to our girl, Red, our mamas, and new babies, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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