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Kindness Matters

Kindness really does matter. As I skim through the news awaiting a weather update or scroll through social media, I see and read the posts, watch the protests, listen to the messages. I am in complete agreeance that this world is askew and in need of resetting. However, as I think about the situations that have occurred, I keep going back to what was the original sin. Was it greed, was it selfishness, was it self-promotion, was it ignorance, was it hatred? I think all of these things came into play. However, I believe in the history of man, the original sin is a lack of humanity and kindness.

The world seems to have all but forgotten the “Golden Rule,” treat others as you wish to be treated. In my simple mind, it is not really that complicated. Historically, a society rationalizes atrocities and social injustice by creating an ulterior reality that justifies the atrocity and makes every act committed “okay” in the eyes and mind of the perpetrator. The perpetrator fails to see his or her victim as a human being. That focus group is somehow less in the mind of the perpetrator: less human, less feeling, less important, less needing, less intelligent, less deserving of the basic golden rule. This mindset has been going on for eons…since the beginning of civilization.

Historically, all great civilizations have fallen: The Romans, the Greeks, the Mayans, the Incas, etc. Not one has been able to maintain its dominance or last through the ages. Why have these great civilizations fallen, perhaps it is because no one population was intended to dominate. Mankind is a stubborn student. When one looks at the past, one sees the mistakes made however, one appears to be incapable of applying those lessons to his or her life and situation leaving one to repeat the mistakes of the past. Perhaps we should all be setting up mirrors so we can truly explore our own perceptions and realities. Perhaps if we spend more time reflecting on our own attitudes, opinions, and shortcomings we could truly get to the root of the evil, the lack of humanity.

If more time were spent focusing on individuals, our world would be a better, safer place for everyone. If we could gain the ability to see each person for their individual strengths, goodness, and light we would truly see the humanity in all of us. Perhaps we should focus on the golden rule and the simple act of treating others as we wish to be treated. If children are able to grasp this concept when introduced to it at a young age, it is not beyond the scope of comprehension. I choose to believe there is goodness, kindness and hope in this world. I also choose to believe that goodness, kindness, and hope will prevail. I hope you are able to see the goodness, kindness and hope as well.

As we continue our journey through these tumultuous times, please stay safe, stay smart, remember and follow the golden rule, and wash your hands.

**Please note these thoughts are just my musings they are not intended to be inflammatory, demeaning, minimizing, or offensive. They are just the thoughts that roll around in my head as I observe our world.

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