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Kindness Really Does Matter

Many days, we are bombarded by negative images. We watch the news, violence, greed, and inhumanity are highlighted and sensationalized. We tune in to social media, again we are bombarded by rants, PSA’s, politics, and negative imagery. It is easy to become overburdened by the weight of the world. It is particularly easy to allow fear, anger, and misinformation to rule one’s world in such an uncertain time. It is also easy to focus upon the selfishness and inconsideration individuals can show when one is trying to do something positive and kind. Then, out of nowhere, comes an act of kindness so random, so genuine, you are moved to tears.

This is exactly what happened to us on Saturday. In my last post, I described my “blunderful life.” I wrote how I had dropped the ball on Easter and was unsure what I would tell my little Peapod. Eric ordered candy from O’Shea’s Candy in Ligonier. I must give kudos to The Bibbed Wonder. He knocked it out of the park in the candy department, as did O’Shea’s. He ordered a huge hollow egg, filled with every yummy confection one can imagine. However, the icing on the cake, the egg comes with a hammer! Not just a tiny toy hammer, oh no, a small heavy-duty hammer that said Peapod can use on other projects! We had resigned to the fact that this will be the Easter to end childhood magic. We were going to blame the lackluster Easter basket on the virus and the travel ban but I know my child. She is too intelligent to not see right through our shenanigans. She would play along, mostly for my sake, but she would know.

We were halfway through our day of farm pickup for local packages when the mail carrier arrived with a package from Amazon. Eric came to find me with a befuddled look on his face. He held up the box and said, “I thought you didn’t order anything because the shipping would be too late?” I reiterated that I did not order anything and was unaware of any upcoming deliveries. We opened the box and inside was a gift collection of Goosebumps books with a personal note from the Easter Bunny. Not only thanking Jordan for her hard work and dedication to her duties on the farm but encouraging her to raise rabbits as well, because, “pigs and goats are great but bunnies are where it’s at!” I was baffled at first but then it dawned on me, someone had read my blog, took the time and the resources, and offered a bit of magic to my child. A child that they may not know from anywhere but my blog or the farmer’s market we attend.

I was moved to tears, actually, I’m tearing up as I write this. Eric didn’t even make fun of me for my overly emotional response. We then discussed what we would tell Jordan. She had already seen the Amazon box and I had given her fair warning that The Bunny may be unable to perform his normal duties since the entire world is affected by Covid-19. We taped up the box and gave it to Jordan to open without her knowing we already knew what was inside. Her face, priceless! She read the note, reread the note, and then squealed that high-pitched squeal only an overly excited 11-year-old-girl can achieve. She looked at the books, squealed again, and then asked, “So, we are getting a bunny? Is it coming from Amazon? I didn’t know Amazon delivered live animals! This. Is. AWESOME!” I had to explain that a pet bunny was merely a suggestion. Amazon was not going to deliver a bunny. Amazon indeed does NOT deliver live animals and again, a pet bunny is just a suggestion made by one of the same species. She was so impressed that The Bunny knew what she was up to, knew she wanted scary books, knew she had pigs and goats, and took the time to deliver a special package with a special note just for her. I hugged her tight and told her, “This is magic kiddo, this is the real magic in the world.”

P.S. Pet bunny negotiations are still on the table. Mom is holding out that it will burn out with the excitement of Easter. However, my opposition has big blue eyes, a winning smile, and a fierce determination. I am not confident I will win this.

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