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Life is Better Before Three in the Afternoon and Other Small Blessings

As I get older, I find that time passes so quickly. It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating our baby goats being born. Now, it is almost five months later and we are beginning to advertise some of our babies. As hard as it is to believe, some of our babies are already sold. It is always a struggle for Jordan and me when it is time to sell the babies. The Bibbed Wonder, not so much. I know they will not always be my snuggly, lap laying friends. Soon, they will develop adult personalities and behaviors that will make selling them not so difficult. I think it is probably like parenting a teenager. You remember the cuteness, innocence, and purity and then BAM! you’re looking at a hormone driven, body hair laden, know it all, that thinks you are the epitome of stupid and old. Suddenly, eating one’s young at birth doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Speaking of teenagers, we met the nicest young man via the selling of our babies. He contacted my husband, asked a million questions, and then asked if it would be okay if his mom brought him out to see our baby goats. Upon meeting him and his lovely mom, we knew our kidds were headed to a good home. This young man spent over an hour talking to Eric, hanging out in the pasture with the goats, discussing anything and everything farm related, and he was so personable and kind. I love meeting like minded people and it gives me hope when I meet a well-rounded, animal loving, motivated young person. He reminds me of Jordan. He is so comfortable with himself and with adults. He is a little old soul. He ended up choosing two of our spotted doelings, put them in the back seat of his mama’s nice car, thanked us for our time, and went down the driveway laughing with a baby goat on his lap. Kudos to his mama for doing such a good job with him and allowing him to follow his dreams…even if it meant goat poo in the back of her car.

Meeting Spur and his mom was the high point of my day. We discussed soap, animals, kids, cyber school, the pandemic, and just had an enjoyable conversation. My goats have brought so many positives into my world. Not only are they the loveliest creatures to spend time with, they have been the springboard for a small business, taught me lessons and continue to make me grow, introduced us to wonderful people we would not have otherwise met, and provide us with a livelihood we love. Today, I am feeling blessed indeed. Of course, I haven’t even finished my coffee, seen hide nor hair of The Bibbed Wonder, and Jordan is still asleep. So yes, today I feel very blessed. By three in the afternoon…well, I’ll have to let you know. I hope you begin your day feeling blessed and I hope it lasts far past three in the afternoon. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, look for your blessings, and wash your hands.

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