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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Well, my dear reader, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with the body wash. With any luck, the labels will be delivered today. Once the labels are delivered, it is game on! Eric worked diligently yesterday to bottle our first big batch of Milk and Honey scented body wash. Our little pump that has so much riding upon it is as slow as molasses in January. My antsy little bibbed buddy spends a lot of time prancing and making his fingers twitch while waiting for the pump to fill the bottles. It is almost painful to watch. Besides my husband being twitchy, the body wash process is going well.

I am pleased to share that we are offering four scents in our body wash. We allowed the numbers to dictate our scent choices. Our overall sales show that the top seller is Milk and Honey. In second place was Lavender, third place was Patchouli, and fourth place was Manly Man. I was not surprised by Milk and Honey or Lavender, but Patchouli threw me. Patchouli has a cult-like following. At the market, we play a game where we try to guess someone’s favorite scent. Often, patchouli lovers are easy to spot. I find that patchouli lovers frequently, but not always, are from the baby boomer generation and have a very laid-back attitude. Sometimes they sport tye-dye or classic band t-shirts. Those are the patchouli lovers who are easy to guess. Although more and more often, we are finding patchouli lovers of all ages following mainstream dress trends. Patchouli would not be on my list of first choices for a body wash scent. I do believe our patchouli-loving fan base will be delighted with the body wash. Patchouli oil is powerful, and the scent shines in the body wash.

I was also surprised by Manly Man being in the top four best sellers. I like the scent of Manly Man, but I would have guessed Almond or Toasted Marshmallow to be in the top four scents. Depending on how well received the body wash is with our soap family, these four scents are just the beginning. I hope to eventually offer body wash in all our scents, including the seasonals. My vision for the company often makes my bib overall wearing wonder buns twitch.

I went to the soap studio on Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon with my head full of ideas. I spent a few hours researching handmade natural or recycled bath poufs. I informed my twitchy bibbed buddy we need custom bath poufs. While I was at it, I told him we needed to finalize our pictures for our 2023 calendar. (Thank you, Peter, for the great idea!) For giggles and grins, I added we needed to find a local company to create embroidered hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts with our logo. For good measure, I said that this should all happen before the Christmas rush.

I thought my bibbed wonder’s head was going to explode. He took a long draw on his pipe, looked me square in the eye, and told me to go to the house. I was informed I am the reason he contemplates a murder/suicide…mostly a murder. He also told me to write down my ideas, roll them in a tight little ball, and shove them in a not-so-very polite place. He’s rude. However rude he is, he did declare all my ideas good ideas. He takes issue with my time frame. I informed him he’d better start working harder if he wanted to keep his happy home. Again, he referenced the murder idea. Sigh, it’s good that we love each other and have a strong sense of humor.

Although I may be unable to convince him to complete all my goals in a very short time frame, I am happy our body wash will be ready by next week. I believe, dear reader, you, as our soap family, will be pleased with our body wash. I give you a fair warning; there will be a plethora of social media posts, special offers, as well as market specials, and online deals. We’re very excited and hope you are too.

As always, stay safe, be smart, don’t do things to make your significant other contemplate your demise, and keep washing your hands.

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