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Limited Time Offer On Our New Soap Bundle

Change is inevitable and necessary. To keep things fresh and relevant, we always look for ways to improve upon what we consider an already exceptional product. One

cannot become stagnant or complacent regarding one's livelihood. The fact that I have the attention span of a gnat also fuels my need for change and growth. This season, we are revamping our children's line of soaps and moisturizers. The Bibbed Wonder insisted on bringing back our wildly popular Duck Fart soap and moisturizer when he stumbled upon a fragrance oil that smelled pleasantly familiar. We have also created a new scent, Fairy Tale. This scent is a blend of baby powder and raspberry. Currently, Fairy Tale is what is in our shower, and I love it.

Along with editing and adding to our children's product line, we are making a few minor changes and additions to our permanent line-up of scents available year-round. The first new permanent addition to our product line is Vanilla Bean Dream. We have taken processed vanilla beans and pods that I sourced from my friend Amanda, who owns Sweet Home Vanilla. These beans and pods would have ended up in the recycling bin or landfill. I can dehydrate them, grind them, and add them to our soap for gentle exfoliation, adding another layer of luxurious vanilla scent to our soap. The natural agave nectar Amanda uses adds a bit of natural sugar, creating a sumptuous lather. I enjoy taking something that would have been wasted and putting it to good use.

To celebrate the release of these three new soaps: Duck Fart, Fairy Tale, and Vanilla Bean Dream, we are offering a special purchase bundle option: buy three for $20. You will find the bundle option on our products menu on the website. The offer is good from 3/11 to 3/12 at midnight. Celebrate spring with a fun new scented soap bundle. Individual soaps and the new moisturizers will be released online next week. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first to try our new scents.

On this disappointingly winter-like day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy our new soap scents, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Mar 11

Can’t wait to try them!

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