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Little Rays of Hope

When all feels lost, we are gifted little rays of hope. I have been feeling somewhat downtrodden as of late. With our little sick charges, my Red girl being delicate, and The Bibbed Wonder’s infertile pigs, it’s been a rough few weeks. However, just when I felt all was lost with our little boys, they displayed minor signs of improvement. These little victories are what I needed.

I spent the morning on the verge of tears. When The Heavy-B and I went on our walk, I tried to prepare myself for the worst-case scenario with our little boys. After our walk, I took the little boys to the barn to spend time with their moms. I feel it helps boost their morale when they spend time with their siblings and mamas. I prop them in a safe spot on a bed of clean hay. Their moms lay beside them, talking, nuzzling, and comforting them. It’s very sweet but also very sad. However, after both babies were fed, Lily’s little boy stood on his own for several minutes. Standing without assistance is a vast improvement. He has quite a ways to go, but I feel like we are moving in the right direction with him.

Mocha’s little brown boy is having neurological issues. The poor little guy’s head is pulling to the left, his eyes roll, and when he tries to stand, he rolls uncontrollably. Today, he seems to be in better control of his body. His pupils are dilating, he is making water, and his bowel movements are normal. I believe the anti-inflammatories and antibiotics we are giving him are beginning to help. He has a long road to recovery, but at least we are beginning to see some improvement.

I spent the afternoon in the pasture taking pictures of the goats. I was with them for the better part of an hour. Being in their company and out in the sunshine did me good. There is something therapeutic about being in the company of our gentle goats. The big girls walk with me and lean into me. If I sit, they stay near. If I walk, they walk alongside me. The babies are beginning to bounce, climb and play. They are endlessly entertaining. I took 285 pictures of the goats, chickens, and geese. Not all of the pictures were usable, but I did better at photographing them than I thought.

At five o’clock, The Bibbed Wonder and I fed Lester and the girls and returned the sick babies to the garage. Lily’s little boy takes a bottle every four hours. Our little brown boy has to be tubed three times a day for feeding. We keep them in a large cardboard box with soft blankets and towels. The garage is temperature-controlled, and we can watch them closely through the night. They are also safe from careless adults who might step on them. Both little boys rested comfortably and appeared relieved to be back inside and comfortable.

My weariness has passed, thank goodness. I am cautiously hopeful both the boys will recover. I know it will not be an easy journey, but as long as they are willing to fight, we are too. I am beginning to consider names for both boys. Although, I believe I will wait a few more days before I make that commitment. Both boys stand a good chance of surviving with consistent care, love, and gentleness.

This lifestyle is not for the weak. Our little brown friend would not have survived if it weren’t for my bib overall wearing wonder buns and his fearlessness with tube feeding and medical care. If nothing else, we are relentless in giving our all to these lovely creatures we have welcomed into our lives and made our family.

Thank you to everyone who reached out with kind words of encouragement, sent well wishes, and said a little prayer.We have a ways to go, but right now, I feel confident we will get our boys where they need to be.On this gorgeous spring day, stay safe, be smart, and maintain hope even when things appear dark and hopeless.Of course, keep washing your hands as well.Our new Lilac and Vanilla soap is the perfect spring scent to raise your spirits and keep your hands germ-free.

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