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Local Love

We are very excited about our new fundraiser option. To date, we have successfully completed six fundraisers this school year. The fundraising option is a win/win, in my opinion. Not only do we get to support a wide range of clubs, groups, and organizations, but we also get to share our products with a wider audience and help these groups reach their goals. The outpouring of support we have received is overwhelming. So many of our soap family members are excited to share our products and support our company through their groups and organizations. It’s been a wonderful experience.

We currently have two groups running fundraisers. If you know a child who attends Eisenhower or Ben Franklin Schools in the Indiana, PA area or a member of Triple S 4-H Club, support them and help them reach their financial goal by buying soap from them. Not only are you supporting a child trying to reach an educational goal, but you are also supporting a local small business. We are so appreciative of the various groups who partner with us for fundraising. We work really hard to keep the process simple and profitable for the group.

When we began considering the idea of running fundraisers, my main goal was to create an opportunity for groups to make a decent profit. As a former teacher and club sponsor, I remember being frustrated at the low-profit margin most fundraising companies offered. I also remember feeling frustrated at the limited options available for clubs and organizations. One can only expect limited success when every group is running the same fundraiser or selling the same low-quality, overpriced, useless items. Let’s be real: children have a limited circle from which to ask for support, and to ask friends and family to purchase low-quality useless items continuously seems advantageous.

When Jordan attended private school, it felt like we were participating in a new fundraiser every week. It got to the point where we decided as a family to donate a certain amount to the school annually, and we opted out of the various fundraisers because we felt uncomfortable asking the same people over and over again for support. Some of the fundraising options offered the students mere cents on every sale. It didn’t seem worthwhile.

A Smiling Goat Soap Company fundraiser offers the group $3 profit on every bar of soap sold. We offer wholesale pricing to our fundraising groups, and there are no hidden charges or fees. I believe in keeping things simple and uncomplicated. Local groups have the option to do a pickup, or we can ship the completed order at base shipping costs. We have done both pickup and shipping, and it has been an easy process for all involved.

What we have discovered is that a fundraiser is only as successful as the motivation of the group. Smaller groups like FFA organizations or 4-H groups have much higher profits because every member is motivated to sell. Some of the best fundraisers have been to groups of twenty kids or less, but because the kids are working towards a tangible goal, the sales were high. Although a group may be working with large numbers, it doesn’t mean big sales if only a fraction of the kids take the fundraiser seriously and the majority sell nothing. However, that is simply the way of all groups, and there isn’t a lot to be done if everyone is not motivated.

We also work hard to not over-schedule fundraisers in a local area. For example, we would not schedule a fundraiser with the fourth-grade class of Smilingville Elementary School and the Smilingville Marching Band at the same time. Personally, I feel like it is counterproductive to have groups in the same area selling the same product. We prefer to spread things out, and maybe a month or so later, the people who bought from the fourth-grade class will be ready to restock from the marching band fundraiser. It makes sense in my head, but what makes sense to me isn’t always what is popular.

If you or your group would like to do a fundraiser, I promise it is an easy, painless process. We work hard to provide a successful fundraising option for all. If you would like information and details, please contact us via email. We will do our very best to provide you with a simple, successful, and profitable fundraiser. If you know of anyone who attends Ben Franklin or Eisenhower elementary schools, support your local students by purchasing our products through them. Also, if you know of a Triple S 4-H member, support them by buying soap. You will love our products, support good kids doing good things, and you are supporting a local small business. On this sunny day, stay safe, be smart, support local groups, and keep washing your hands.

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2023

This is a great fundraising idea, great products to purchase and a good profit for the group or organization. I‘m confident you and your family would strive to make it as easy as possible for them. Good luck with this endeavor, hope it catches on.

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