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Looking Forward...

With the passing of July, we enter into August with anticipation for fall, a new school year, and upcoming holidays. The Bean and I went for a walk last night and didn’t return until almost dark. I swear I could smell autumn in the cool air. This morning, the Canadian geese flew over and landed upon the big pond. This is always a telltale sign that fall will soon be arriving. Fall is my favorite season. I look forward to pumpkins, cooler temperatures, tall boots, and sweaters. The Bean loves fall as well. It is the embodiment of all things fun for her. She loves returning to school, Halloween, and our visits to various pumpkin patches.

Although this year is looking a lot different than years past, we still feel the anticipation of the arrival of the season we love. I am plotting and planning her new cyber school areas. She will have to have two; one in the soap studio and one in the house. I must admit, I am excited to have her home with us. I am also excited to pull out my old teacher skills and set up an area conducive to learning. I’m thinking bulletin boards, open shelves, colorful organizers and a comfortable chair. I also have supplemental materials to keep her analyzing, creating, and problem solving. This will afford her the opportunity to work on projects she is excited for like a Ninja Warrior course, the YouTube channel, and expanding her line of kid soaps. Not every aspect of this virus thing is perfectly awful.

It is hard to believe but I will begin my line of autumn soaps and products today. I can’t help but give you a sneak peek into what is to come. The four autumnal soaps I have planned are the return of Pumpkin Sandalwood. I am offering a new twist on the Sweetened Fig…Lemon Fig. I am also excited to offer an Earl Grey Tea inspired soap I’m naming Sweater Weather. As well as a warm ginger, grapefruit and sandalwood blend I am calling Warm and Cozy. I have new swirl techniques I am excited to try for the autumn line up, which I find very exciting.

I’m also excited to offer a small seasonal expansion on our skin care line. I am so excited to offer a goat’s milk and pumpkin facial package. This will include a pumpkin and goat’s milk face scrub, a shea butter facial bar, and a pumpkin and goat’s milk face mask! It will incorporate fresh goat’s milk, fresh organic pumpkin, and a plethora of beneficial oils, including pumpkin seed oil. These will begin to be available in September. I will keep you posted on Facebook, Instagram, and our new YouTube Channel.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around but I am also beginning to work on Christmas products. Due to Covid-19, the Ligonier Christmas Market will take place at the outdoor market site on October 17th. I feel like I have to offer my complete line up of Christmas products to my favorite market family. It will also help me to launch my Christmas line on the website a little earlier than usual. With all the upheaval the virus is causing, it may be best for everyone if things are available a bit earlier than usual. There are anticipated shipping delays and limited product availability for raw materials. Surprisingly, I am finding it difficult to find canola oil for my soaps. I’m not sure what the reason for the limited availability is but it is a bit frustrating. However, as with everything else, we will adjust and roll with it. One always has options is my new mantra.

Although it has been a tough week here at the farm, we are trying to keep it in perspective and keep it positive. There are good things happening despite the loss and chaos that has occurred this week. I just keep repeating, “This too shall pass.” I am hopeful it shall pass into a time of peace and prosperity…at least for a bit. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of predictability when it comes to farm life. When one has control issues, that can be a bit exhausting. Perhaps, just perhaps, the lesson here is in letting things go and trusting the higher powers that all will be well. I will be spending some time working on this area.

Happy Friday dear reader! I wish you a weekend filled with calm, peace, and prosperity. As always, stay safe, stay smart and of course keep washing your hands…very soon with Pumpkin Sandalwood soap…YAY!

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