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Looking Forward to Spring

Yesterday, I was in Punxsutawney for an appointment, and it dawned on me that next week is Groundhog's Day. Although the celebration at Gobbler's Knob will be virtual this year, it is a reminder that spring and nice weather are just around the corner. That is something to which I look forward. With spring comes new seasonal scents. I love this time of year. Creating and planning new scents and soaps is almost as exciting as planning a trip to Disney...almost. Blending and creating unique scent blends gives me something to look forward to in the dull, grey days of winter. It also helps me to focus and look forward to market season. Although I follow my market friends on Facebook and through text exchanges, I genuinely look forward to seeing my friends every week at the market.

This year, we have added two new scents specifically for Valentine's Day. We have created a chocolate strawberry blend; we named Strawberry Decadance. I must say, I am delighted with this creation. We have incorporated Tussah silk fibers and red raspberry seeds to make it more lux. We've also created a fruity blend with a hint of floral we have deemed First Kiss. Jess, who has been helping us out a few days a week, says it reminds her very much of a scent by Victoria's Secret. Copying VS was not my intention, but I am flattered by the comparison. Again, we included Tussah silk fibers to make this bar rich and luxurious. Both soaps and moisturizers will be available on the site on February 1st...that's Monday.

Adding to our repertoire and trying to beat the winter doldrums are two new scents coming out in March. I have loosely based both scents around St. Patricks Day. In 2015 I spent two weeks in Ireland. I loved everything about the country, its history, and its gorgeous landscape. I had purchased heather scented sheep milk soap at a farm I toured. It was a lovely soap with a magnificent scent. Using this as my inspiration, I purchased the most divine heather oil to create my heather and milk soap version. We will also be offering a Jordan inspired soap, which she has named Over the Rainbow. I have had a scent blended and ready to use for almost a year. It is a wonderfully refreshing lime, bergamot, orange base, a middle note of lavender and rosemary, and a dry down of ylang-ylang. This blend is a bit more complex than I usually do, but it is worth it. It is a very refreshing and uplifting scent. Of course, it will be in rainbow colors. However, The Bean and I are still in negotiations about the complexity of the appearance. She believes my skills exceed my understood abilities. I don't think you will be disappointed with our creation.

I am still in the deciding stage of scents for market season. I have fifteen new scents to plan, create, and decide on release weeks. We hope to offer a fresh scent almost every week of the market. Of course, we have holidays to take into account, seasonal favorites, as well as seasonal changes to keep in mind. I am certain Honeysuckle, Lilac, and Berry Bliss will be returning. However, those are the only three upon which I have decided. I have a beautiful magnolia oil I am excited to use. A very dear soap family member from Maryland was the inspiration for this gorgeous scent. I also have a blend recipe used by Napoleon's private perfumer I am anxious to try. However, we are still in the planning phase, and I must get my "eye candy" on board with all my new ideas. By the way, with all the complimentary comments being made about his newspaper debut, I believe I will have to remove the roof of the house to accommodate his handsome, swollen head...insert eye roll and laughter. Thank you all for your support and kindness. We could not do this without you and your continuous support.

Of course, there are also new products to create and release. We have a new moisturizing shea butter-based facial bar to add to our skincare line. As well as a new high-density foaming shave soap for those who enjoy a more traditional shave experience. We are contemplating liquid soap as well, but it will be a significant endeavor requiring much research and experimentation. Although it is part of our business plan, I cannot make any promises for a release date. Please know we will work hard and do our very best to provide an excellent, natural product. However, perfection takes time. I hope you feel as excited about these new and upcoming products as we do. There are indeed wonderful things to look forward to in the near future.

On this cold Friday eve, I wish you hope and warmth. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, keep looking forward and keep washing your hands.

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2 komentarze

I wish for smell-o-vision too! In a previous post you also mentioned liquid hand soap and that most prefer it to be “clear”. My 2 cents - as long as the label has the word SOAP very large so as not to get confused with lotion, I definitely don’t need it to be clear! Just my 2 cents...have a warm weekend!


I am so eager to “smell” all the new scents coming out - you need smell a vision!

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