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Luckiest Kid Ever

My bean has to be the luckiest person I have ever met. Many of you know, and if you are a regular blog reader, I think my kid is pretty special. She has a spark about her that draws one in and makes one want to be around her. I believe the heavens shine down upon and through my daughter. I also think this manifests itself in many ways, and her good luck is one of those manifestations.

I have never seen a child win at random drawings, lottery tickets, or contests the way Jordan wins. We recently went to a bridal shower, and my girl won every drawing, every guessing game, and took home the door prize. A woman seated at our table, who was a complete stranger until that day, asked Jordan to write down her choice of lottery numbers. Initially, I laughed at this request and found it humorous. My friend later reported that this woman had won $500 with Jordan’s choices.

The Bibbed Wonder and I are not gamblers. Until I met the Smay family, I rarely played the lottery or scratched a scratch ticket. GramBarb puts a scratch ticket in everyone’s stocking at Christmas time. We all pass our tickets to The Bean on Christmas morning because she is lucky and always wins. We have begun to buy scratch tickets for her on holidays and her birthday because she thoroughly enjoys the process and the winnings. I continuously say I will have her play Power Ball with me, but we never actually do it. I may not be a genius at numbers, but I do understand probability and statistics. However, my child’s lucky streak may just undo the laws of mathematics.

This little quirk in my child’s character is validation that she is indeed a special kid. I often think I should take her to bingo parlors and casinos to let the little old ladies and die-hard gamblers rub her head like those funny little trolls from the ’80s. When I mention this plan, The Bean finds no amusement in my creativity. I told her we could make a fortune by allowing gamblers to rub her head and spin her around by her hair. She merely gives me an annoyed look and says it’s only fair she keep all the earnings. To further her annoyance, I lament that it is a shame she has an outy belly button; otherwise, we could glue a rhinestone in her belly button and charge extra for belly rubs. I’m funny, even if my kid is a grumpy little troll.

My bean may be the luckiest kid, but The Bibbed Wonder and I are fortunate because we get the privilege of being her parents. I hope, dear reader, your days are filled with good luck and sunshine. As always, stay safe, be smart, don’t ask The Bean to pat her head or rub her tummy, she gets growly, and of course, wash your hands.

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