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May Your Holiday Be Fart Noise Free

It is finally the eve of the unofficial start to summer. Is it just me, or has this been a long time coming? If we were experiencing a normal year, we would be on our second week of the Ligonier Country Market. We would have reunited with our friends and market family, gotten caught up on all the on goings in their lives, eaten an Aunt Julia’s donut, Gosia’s perogies, Confections by Christina, and spent our day’s earnings on all the beautiful wares that are offered. However, this is anything but a normal year.

Instead, we are home. We are still looking at each other’s faces, the faces we have been looking at since the end of February. We are still listening to the same voices more frequently grumbling and growling about one minor inconvenience or another. We are now in a pattern of fighting the same battles day, after day, after day about school work, bathing, shoes, lack of shoes, what constitutes a healthy meal or snack, why the constant barrage of fart noises played on ones hands, arms, or armpits is indeed not funny, hilarious, amusing, or appropriate.

No, there are no before market jitters. No excitement to see friendly faces of regular customers who have fast become friends. There is no break neck hustle to prepare for the day at market. No evaluating of a check list and then reevaluating it. There is no practice set up of a new display or excitement over the arrangement of soaps and lotions. It is just more grumbling, more growling, more fart noises…always with the fart noises.

We are able to begin our market season on June 6th. I’m not sure the rationale behind the later start date for crafters but we just follow the rules and are happy we get to participate at all. The directors of the market are doing, as always, a bang-up job of organizing, keeping us informed, and staying on top of all changes and concerns. These amazing women and men should receive an award for their time, effort, abilities and commitment. I cannot say enough good things about the market, it’s directors, it’s vendors, or it’s customers. We are looking forward to June 6th but we are also nervous.

I am considering going to market this Saturday as a consumer. How nice would it be to just attend the market without all the stress of running my own stand? I would get to see my beloved friends, shop, and eat…always with the eating. However, I know market is going to look a lot different this year. There is a list of rules and suggestions a mile long of which we are expected to comply for the health, safety, and well being of all who attend. I get this, I really do. However, I must admit, I am a bit apprehensive to leave my comfort zone and attend. I don’t really have a fear of getting sick myself, I fear bringing it home to my fart noise making bean. At this point, I am on the fence as to what I will do. Which also makes me think, if I am on the fence about attending, I am sure there are others who feel as I do. If there are enough of others who feel as I do, market season may be less than desirable for myself and my market family. This idea makes me sad. As small business owners, we rely heavily on our venues and audience for their support. If our audience is afraid to come to us, we are in dire straits. It is another conundrum I must face. Thanks again, Covid-19, for one more conundrum to obsess about and over think.

I am certain, as always, this will play out the way it is supposed to and we will come out on the other side to something enlightening and better. This will force upon us a change we may not have made otherwise. We will take something beneficial from this and apply it so we can do better. If I decide to stay on the fence, my own fence, on my own farm, where I feel safe and protected, I will hopefully see you on June 6th. If you decide to stay within your comfort zone, know that I am thinking about you and will do my best to supply you with options so that you can continue to feel safe and still receive the benefits of wonderful goat’s milk products.

No matter what you do or where you are, enjoy this unofficial start to summer. As my dear friend humorously pointed out, just because we are easing restrictions, doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. It simply means there is room for you in the ICU…I spit coffee out my nose I laughed so hard when I read this! Just remember, we need to continue to stay safe. We need to stay smart. We need to do what is best for ourselves and our loved ones with no judgment. Lastly, we need to always, always wash our hands. It is our strongest defense against germs of all sorts. I hope your weekend is fart noise free.

Happy Memorial Day!

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