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Mele Kalikimaka, Is the Thing to Say... In September

“Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day! That’s the island greeting I will say to you in the land where palm trees sway.” This is the song that has been running through my head for the last two weeks. This is also the song I have been serenading my bibbed wearing buddy with…loudly and waaaaaaay off key…. sometimes with an impromptu hula dance. Again, he fails to appreciate my never ending charm. I know it is only September. I also know there are merely 14 more Mondays until Christmas…as my bean informs me on a weekly basis with her crazy Christmas countdown. What could possibly put me in a Christmas mood? The fact that we are making our Christmas soaps is what has me thinking about the holidays almost nonstop.

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done for my bean. There will be no dropping of the Christmas ball, or should I say bulb, this holiday. I am making lists, checking them twice and making note that she is so much nicer than naughty. I am blessed with a great kid…but I digress. I also have her birthday shopping well under way. She is one of those kids whose birthday happens so close to Christmas that I don’t even have time to come up for air before, BAM! it’s her birthday.

I have good ideas for The Bibbed Wonder too. He is notoriously hard to shop for. I think I have come up with a few things that will please and surprise him. Unlike The Bean, he is much more naughty than nice. Most often, I believe coal is an appropriate gift for him. However, he would just find something annoying to do with coal and find a way to make endless jokes about it. It’s best to buy him gifts that will subdue or distract such behaviors. For example, one year he received a magnet on a stick…it’s some sort of tool used to pick up spilled nails and such. One would think it a harmless and practical gift. Not with my bibbed wearing wonder, oh no, he tormented every one with that magnet on a stick. Sticking it to earrings, belt buckles, poking them with it and tripping them with it. Only my bibbed wearing, bald, child like husband could find a way to annoy and enjoy a magnet on a stick. He is the reason I consume large amounts of alcohol in short periods of time. However, I again digress…

So, why would I be singing Mele Kalikimaka is September, one may ask? I have created a new soap with this name. This may be one of the best smelling soaps I have ever created…if I do say so myself. It sounds odd, but before you crinkle your nose and think I am crazy, trust me, it smells divine…and surprisingly Christmas-y. The scent is Pineapple Spearmint and it is yummy! I have had so much fun creating the fall and winter line this year. I simply can’t wait to release them; the anticipation is killing me.

We have been working diligently to make the soaps and get them on the drying rack in time for the October 17th Christmas market in Ligonier. We have created many new, fresh scents and soaps but also made sure to include customer favorites such as Comfort & Joy, Elf Fart, and of course, the widely popular Dancing Snowman. Although each have a fresh, new look, they are the same nurturing soaps with the same lovely scents. Some of the new scents to anticipate are Warm Winter Spice, Menthol Madness, Frosted Pine, Citrus Ice and Snow Angel. We will also offer Gift of the Magi and Holiday Memory. I am normally nose blind to the scents in the studio…I know, it is so sad. However, we have so many fresh new scents, even I can smell them at this point. It’s all very exciting.

I feel good about having my holiday line ready for October. I’m not sure how it will play out, but I have been told to anticipate shipping delays during the holiday rush. Also, as time goes on, we are finding it more difficult to resource raw materials. We have had to shop around for different sources because our tried and true resources are experiencing shortages. It’s everything from French rose clay, canola oil, pumpkin, and pumpkin seed oil to plastic jars and lids for our moisturizer. I find it all a bit unnerving. However, I am relieved my holiday line is almost complete and in place to offer my soap family a nice variety of options for the holidays. I believe this holiday season will indeed be merry and bright.

As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, PSA there are only 14 more Mondays until Christmas, and of course keep washing your hands. Very soon, you will have new, fun holiday options with which to wash! EEEEEEEK!

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