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Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday, dear reader. This weekend was appreciatively uneventful here on the farm. We spent the weekend playing catch up, making soap, and on household chores. One Bibbed Wonder broke my vacuum cleaner by taking it to the garage and using it as a shop vac...sigh. That led to the purchase of a much-needed new vacuum cleaner and a small stick vac from our local vacuum cleaner experts at Indiana Vacuum.

Going to small, individually owned, local stores is always a good experience and makes me feel good about supporting them. Could I have gone to a big box store and loaded a vacuum cleaner into my cart? The answer is yes, but I would have missed out on the experience of buying from an expert, receiving personalized care, and interacting with an individual that really knows their product. Not only did I get sound advice about purchasing the right vacuum for me, but I was also given a discount, free bags for the vacuum, a lesson on how to take it apart and use all the utensils. Also, I was given a five-year maintenance program without charge. Indiana Vacuum has high-quality products, excellent customer service, and has a faithful customer in me. Buying a vacuum cleaner was the highlight of my weekend.

Today, The Bibbed Wonder is already off to Smicksburg Feed and Supply to stock up on feed for all the animals. When he returns, he will ready two nursery stalls for his darling porcine princesses, Eddie and Charlotte. Charlotte is making milk and will more than likely deliver little piglets today. Miss Eddie will deliver sometime this week. We once again will be inundated with little piggies. This makes my bibbed-wearing buddy very happy. We have six more nanny goats who will deliver between now and May. I am thankful the weather has been mild and hope this weather trend continues. Having babies delivered in mild temperatures is so much easier on everyone.

We have several soaps to clean, stamp, and rack, but the week will be spent making soap. We are currently playing catch-up on our regular stock. However, by the week's end, we will be working on our spring and summer scents. I spent a few evenings last week blending, and I am excited about our spring and summer products. I'll give you a little peek into what we are planning. To date, I have decided to bring back honeysuckle, lilac, moonlight sonata, berry bliss, and fruit fantasy. We will also be doing a new and improved version of Mermaid Splash and Just Beachy. With our new and improved studio space, The Bibbed Wonder has agreed to premier twenty new soaps this market season. Some of our new ideas are two new scents for men, four new soaps for the kid's line, and various unisex and feminine scents. It's exhilarating, and I am inspired to try new pouring techniques and a few new top designs. My blending techniques are getting a little bolder. I now have a strong desire to complete a perfumers program. How fun would that be? The sunshine and warm temperatures inspire me and motivate me. I have to keep it in check and accept things all in good time.

I hope you, too, had a productive and uneventful weekend. I also hope this leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired for the week. With the sun shining, it is easy to feel like good times are ahead of us. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, look for inspiration, and keep washing your hands.

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