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My Personal Thirty Day Skin Care Challenge

I am lazy. I am lazy and lax when it comes to a skin care routine. I have had bouts of ambition over the years where I am dedicated and diligent about taking care of my skin. These episodes usually occur after I have been to a spa, felt bad about the observations of the aesthetician, more often than not, been lectured by said aesthetician, and introduced to wildly expensive products. My bibbed wearing buddy would go into cardiac arrest if he knew how much I have spent on skin care over the years. However, my dedication to a skin care routine is always short lived, mostly because I am lazy.

I turn forty-eight in October. Forty-eight is closer to fifty than not. Fifty in my book, is monumental. I have been contemplating my skin and my lack of skin care for several weeks now. In lieu of a face lift, which I swear will happen when I turn fifty, I am going to try taking care of my skin. You see, although I make two facial bars I swear by, if it is not in the shower when I enter the shower, I just wash my face with whatever soap I have in the shower. Currently, I am washing with Pumpkin Sandalwood. I never remember that I need a facial bar until I am already naked, wet, with shampoo on my head. At that point, it seems ridiculous to run up to the studio for a facial bar. Once out of the shower, I slap on some facial moisturizer, put on my make up and get ready for the day.

At night, that is when my laziness really becomes obvious. Most often, I am too tired, too busy, or too lazy to wash off the makeup. Really, this is just an excuse for what has become a slovenly bad habit. This is the equivalent of a mortal sin in the skin care world. I am fortunate to have pretty good skin. I don’t often suffer break outs, I am not too dry, I am no longer too oily, and I still don’t worry all that much about wrinkles. I have always just figured I would iron them out with a face lift when I turn fifty. However as fifty fast approaches, I am not so sure going under the knife is such a good idea.

First, there is The Bibbed Wonder. He is strongly opposed to any type of plastic surgery. His rationale for this is out of concern. With my Lupus, I do not heal well, I scar, and I am very prone to infection. He tells me all the time, “If you get sick and die because you did something stupid, I will never forgive you.” Another one of his charming attitudes about plastic surgery is, “If I have a truck with a rusted body and I spend the money to replace that rusted body with a new body, I still have an old truck. Why would I not just go get a new truck and save myself the money and trouble?” My response is always, “Let’s see you find a “new truck” to put up with your nonsense. Most “trucks” would run over you repeatedly.” He is a charmer that bibbed wearing wonder.

Then of course there is the message it sends to my bean. I don’t want to set a bad example for her and create an atmosphere where she feels she is anything less than perfect. So, I tolerate my sags, my bags, and curb my desires to nip, suck, and tuck all things saggy and baggy. I want to set an example where she feels safe and comfortable in her own skin, no matter what stage in life she is in. I hope to set an example of accepting myself at all stages, not just chasing the illusive and nonexistent fountain of youth. Plastic surgery, I feel, can be a pretty slippery slope.

So, with almost a month to the day until my forty-eighth birthday, I intend to give myself a thirty-day challenge. My intent is to use my facial products morning and evening for thirty days. Not only will I wash with my Rose Clay Facial Bar, I will use my Rose Clay Mask twice a week and follow with my Facial Moisturizer. I am going to take before and after pictures…gasp…post them and see if I can improve my skin tone, my fine lines, and my hyper-pigmentation with the steady use of my natural products. I am hoping to break my lazy, lackadaisical habit of not washing my face before bed.

It would be fun to do a thirty-day challenge with friends. If you are interested in joining me, please private message me. I am sure we can come up with a plan and have some fun. As always dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, try to make an effort to take good care of your skin, and of course wash your hands.

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