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National Chocolate Day!

I could not decide what to write about today because today marks two special occasions near and dear to my heart. Today is one bib wearing fuzzy bottoms birthday. Eric is celebrating 41 trips around the sun. Today is also national chocolate day! Insert squealing and clapping, maybe a little jig. I have decided to take this opportunity to tell you about my favorite chocolatier, Christina Elizabeth Moore, the artist and owner of Confections by Christina Elizabeth.

I met Christina at The Ligonier Country Market four years ago. We were placed back to back in the market set up. I remember our first conversation very well. I took soap over to her and introduced myself. She smiled her open, friendly smile and told me how much she admired our family. She has been watching us interact, and we brought a smile to her face. I loved her immediately. Over the course of many conversations, we have discovered we have a lot in common in beliefs, background, and goals. Our family situations are uncannily similar. I now take pleasure in calling Christina my market bestie.

Now, for the decadence! Christina Elizabeth’s confections are simply extraordinary. I have never met anyone that can take chocolate and turn it into a work of art. However, it isn’t just her beautiful and unique presentation; it’s the thoughtfulness and care that goes into each creation that makes them so special. Christina purchases her ingredients both locally and from Europe. On Saturday mornings, while the market is in season, we often walk together before the market begins. I love to watch her pick and choose her ingredients, discuss honey, fruits, and produce with the growers, and discerningly pick her purchases. She often only works with ingredients in season, and she will think aloud how she will use the market offerings while she is lovingly combing through her options. It’s like watching a master at work.

Confections by Christina Elizabeth are magical. Her treats are a weekly priority for myself and my bean. Jordan actually lost two loose baby teeth on Christina’s caramels. Christina was distraught when The Bean arrived at her tent, donning a bloody grin of sheer joy. When she announced her teeth had finally come out with the help of Christina’s caramels, and she produced said teeth, I wasn’t sure if Christina was going to faint or laugh. Once she knew her caramels had helped a rather challenging situation, she laughed. What better way to lose a loose baby tooth?

My favorite creations are the chocolate-covered honeycomb, an old-fashioned baking soda candy of pure delight. I am also a fangirl of her specialized chocolate bars that she changes from week to week and with the seasons. Of course, I have to mention her pies, macaroons, push-up cakes, and what I teasingly call her “fancy puddings.” Everything she makes is pure divinity. However, what makes it so magical is the passion and love she puts into all her creations.

You can experience Christina Elizabeth’s magic by going to her Facebook page (you have to check out her ghost and pumpkin meringues…ADORABLE!). Also, by following her on Instagram, visiting her at The Ligonier Country Market on November 6th, dining at The Grey Goose in Ligonier, as well as several local boutiques that carry her gorgeous creations. She also takes special orders and is an absolute delight.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, celebrate National Chocolate Day with an amazing local artist, wish The Bibbed Wonder a happy birthday, and of course, keep washing your hands.

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Happy Birthday Eric! I hope you get that chocolate cake that is pictured!

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