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Naughty or Nice? You Will Love Cranberry Spice!

Today, our spotlight shines upon the seasonal classic, Cranberry Spice. Cranberry Spice is the full embodiment of all things fall, holiday, and happy. This is one of the few scents I have continued to bring back since I began making soap. It is a warm, spicy, fruity scent that is absolutely intoxicating.

This year, I went a bit more simplistic and organic with the appearance of the soap. I incorporated organic cranberry seeds and organic freeze dried cranberries to top off the lovely sudsing creation. The finishing touch is the gold enviro-glitter that gives it just a hint of sparkle and shine. Like all our soaps, it is rich in raw, natural goat's milk, moisturizing olive and coconut oils, and lather creating canoloa and castor oils.

As always, the Tuesday Spotlight soap and its coordinating moisturizer areavailable on our website for 50% off for the week. Cranberry Spice is a bit of holiday happiness and cheer. Let's be honest, we need to find little bits of happiness and cheer wherever we can.

Stay safe, stay smart, enjoy a bit of holiday cheer, and of course wash your hands.

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