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Never Assume

When it comes to our herd's health and well-being, we are meticulous. Not only are our goats well-loved pets, but they are the foundation of our livelihood. We bought our feed from a local feedstore for several years because Eric knew and trusted the gentleman who owned it. A few years ago, it was sold, and we assumed the new owner would continue to use the feed mixture the original owner used. You know what they say when you assume, dear reader: "It makes an ass out of u and me."

For the last few years, I have noticed a decline in the girl's appearance. Their coats lacked shine. They seemed to struggle to regain weight after their little ones were weaned. Then, the girls developed bald spots on their heads and noses. We initially reasoned that the girls were getting older. Then we thought the pasture field was lacking. We also reasoned that the girls developed bald spots because they stuck their heads deeply into the hay bales and rubbed off the hair. We never considered that the feed we gave our girls lacked vitamins and minerals. After all, the feed mill that we used is based in an agricultural community, and the community is viewed as "good, God-fearing people." Sadly, we assumed the best and received the worst.

A friend suggested we switch feed to see if it would resolve the fertility issue The Bibbed Wonder's pigs are experiencing. Eric switched to Drenkhahn's Farm Supply because he went to school with the owner, Michelle. He also switched the goat's feed when he switched the pig's feed. Dear reader, what a difference the new feed has made. The change in all our animals is amazing. Within two weeks, the girls no longer had bald spots on their heads or noses. The younger girls gained weight quickly, and their coats were sleek and shiny. My original girls, my older girls, are gaining weight, and their coats are improving but at a bit slower pace. Poor Lily, who experienced severe hair loss on her back this spring when she shed out, is now shiny with a full coat.

However, our little Boer goat, Socks, is the most significant improvement of all. Socks came to us a few years ago as a yearling. Socks has never had a nice coat. Her coat has always looked like she is in the middle of shedding out her winter coat. Her hair was curly, dull, and very thick. Again, we assumed it was just how Sock's coat was made. Within a month of changing the feed, Socks has a smooth, shiny, sleek coat. She looks like a completely different goat. In my opinion, she looks like a little show goat. It really is an amazing transformation.

We are so grateful to Michelle, the owner of Drenkhahn's Farm Supply, for creating a well-balanced, reliable, honest product with integrity. Her little store is the cutest little store, and she is knowledgeable, helpful, and forthright. We seriously cannot say enough good things about Michelle and her products. Not only is my goat's health much improved, but Eric's pigs are doing much better. Although they haven't gotten pregnant yet, they are doing what they need to do in order to get pregnant. That alone is an improvement.

The lesson learned, dear reader, is never to assume that someone is giving you their best, trust the signs that something is amiss, do your research, and follow your instincts. We have had an amazing experience with Drenkhahn's Farm Supply. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier for all your farm needs, I strongly endorse Drenkhahn's Farm Supply. They are located at 299 Upper Cherry Run Rd, Rural Valley, PA 16249. They are worth the trip, and it is a lovely drive.

Stay safe, be smart, don't assume, and keep washing your hands on this lovely August day.

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2 commentaires

10 août 2023

I am so glad you found a solution to a frustration! I am sure everything inside and out for your dear animals will continue to improve! Hugs to all (even the pigs😁)


09 août 2023

So true! I worked in a pet food store for several years and we saw example after example of improvements when pets with issues were switched to better food and supplements. Photos of your goats didn’t show the issues you mention, but I am so happy they are resolved. Your herd is beautiful, and Eric’s pigs are magnificent!

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