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New and Exciting

Happy Friday, dear reader. If you observe the holy holiday, blessed good Friday to you as well. The Bibbed Wonder and I were up until midnight last night making soap. We are beginning to feel the crunch of the upcoming market season. We are caught up in making our standard inventory but are definitely lagging in making our seasonal creations. Last night, we made a new soap we are calling Casablanca. This was Eric's suggestion for a name. He claims to be merely the eye candy and the muscles, but he has a creative side. I was very impressed with his suggestion.

I wish I could take credit for this scent. It is absolutely divine. However, it is a pre-blend from the wonderful little oil company I use almost exclusively now. It is almost like three scents in one. It has a spicy green top note with a floral middle note and an earthy essential oil dry down. My bib overall wearing buddy commented several times on how good it smells. It is a beautiful scent that I am excited to introduce to my soap family. I am always excited about new seasons and new scents.

Working at home is both a blessing and a curse, as they say. It is a blessing in the sense we have the comfort and convenience, a relaxed dress code, access to our workspace 24/7, and a flexible schedule. It is also a curse to have access to work 24/7. However, what a wonderful feeling to be working for ourselves. Eric and I have always been hard workers. When I was teaching, I would be at the school between 5;30 and 6 a.m. to get ready for the day. I often read papers, reviewed projects, or created classroom materials for several hours while at home. I had my regular caseload, but I also oversaw clubs, coached cheerleading, taught night school, and worked on GED prep classes. Teaching never felt like work. I would awaken every day with excitement and never dreaded going to my job.

Eric has always been extremely hard working. To be honest, he puts me to shame. I struggle to keep pace with him. His commitment to his job, loyalty to his boss, and integrity make him an outstanding employee. I have never seen anyone so motivated, ethical, and hard-working as he. He thinks nothing of putting in 12-18 hours a day. He makes me very proud. What we find most fulfilling now is putting in all that time, effort, and care into something that belongs solely to us. We both have always had an entrepreneurial spirit; it's a blessing to have found something we are both passionate about in which to channel all that energy.

This does not feel like work either. Last night, although we had had a full day, we both knew what needed to be done, and we did it together. I was surprised when I looked at my phone and saw it was almost midnight. Imagining the reaction to this amazing fragrance was well worth the time and effort. I greatly look forward to new products, going to market, and seeing my soap family very soon.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, dear reader. As always, stay safe, stay smart, enjoy the weekend, and of course, wash your hands.

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