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Newly Released Soaps

Today, we are releasing three new soaps. We are pleased to announce that our Irish Heather and Irish Tweed soaps are cured, online, and ready to ship. For me, this kicks off our seasonal releases. I love creating fun, new soaps and blending new, unique scents. This year we have some brand new, exciting sents, as well as the return of our popular classics. Irish Heather and Irish Tweed are two of those popular classics.

I first discovered heather essential oil on my trip to Ireland. Long before I began making soap, I traveled to Ireland for two weeks. It was a wonderful trip; believe it or not, I came home with a large variety of handmade soaps. What can I say? I’ve always had a thing for handmade soap. One of my favorite soaps I brought home was purchased at a working sheep farm. The soap was made with sheep’s milk and scented with heather essential oil. It was also shaped like a sheep. The soap was beautiful and smelled just like the fields of heather we walked through. The scent of heather has stayed alive in my memory, so when we created soaps for St. Patrick’s Day, heather naturally came to the forefront of my mind as an obvious choice.

We’ve also released our popular masculine scent, Irish Tweed. One of the things I loved about Ireland was all the textiles and woolen mills. Along with a plethora of handmade soaps, I also came home with a small wardrobe of wool sweaters, scarves, and tweed caps. I brought one home for my bib overall wearing wonder buns, but he claims it makes his head itch. Our Irish Tweed soap won’t make you itch, but it will make you smell wonderful. Bring a bit of Ireland to your daily routine.

I’m also excited to share that our latest creation by one bib overall wearing soap maker is now cured and ready for your bathing pleasure. The Bibbed Wonder’s Pine Tar Soap is our newest original release. Eric blended good old-fashioned pine tar, neatsfoot oil, oatmeal, and poppyseeds creating a moisturizing, exfoliating, and hard-working bar of soap. We have been using this bar to wash our hands. We were shocked at how soft and moisturized our hands felt after just one use. Our skin felt soft and conditioned for hours afterward. The Bibbed Wonder has also been using this soap in the shower. The neatsfoot oil gives it a unique scent, and we’ve also incorporated a blend of pine, patchouli, and wintergreen essential oils. It truly is an ultra-moisturizing soap.

It’s an exciting time for us here in the soap studio. This is my favorite time of year because we are creating new soaps and beginning to release new seasonals. This year, we will be releasing two to three new soaps each month. To stay up to date on all new releases, goings on at the farm, and shenanigans of one bib overall wearing wonder buns and his trusty sidekick, The Bean, subscribe to our site and download our app.

On this warm, cloudy day in February, stay safe, be smart, try our newly released soaps, and keep washing your hands. May I suggest the new Pine Tar Soap for said hand washing? It’s pretty amazing, IMHO; insert wink here.

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