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New Releases

Happy Monday, dear reader. I don't know about you, but I feel like Mondays are hard. To make your Monday a little brighter, we are releasing not one, not two, but three new scents to premiere in our regular line-up of soaps and moisturizers. Today, you will find our latest creations, Duck Fart, Fairy Tale, and Vanilla Bean Dream soaps AND moisturizers exclusively on the website.

We could not be more pleased with our latest creations. The Bibbed Wonder says that Fairy Tale is his new favorite. Each time he mixes up a batch of soap or moisturizer, he declares that this scent is "a good one." That's high praise from a guy that doesn't say much. I have poled friends, family, and soap family, and Vanilla Bean Dream gets two thumbs up for smelling "yummy," "good enough to eat," and "delicious." I believe the addition of dehydrated vanilla beans adds a wonderfully luxurious layer to the scent. Lastly, if the name Duck Fart and the smell of orange and vanilla do not make you smile, I'm not sure I can help you.

Finally, you have the option to layer the scents with our newly created moisturizers. I tend to scent on the lighter side. I don't like overwhelming fragrances, but following the use of our soaps with a matching moisturizer creates a delicate scent that lingers for hours. Not only do you smell amazing, but your skin also feels hydrated, soft, and pampered. I cannot think of a better way to begin the new spring season than with luxurious, nourishing, fresh new scents.

On this very winter-like last day of winter, stay safe and be smart. I gently encourage you to try our new releases; I don't think you will regret it. And, of course, keep washing your hands. You can wash your hands with a new scent and follow with a nourishing moisturizer to keep your hands looking and feeling their best.

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