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We are excited to share our latest creations from the soap studio. Summer Rose and Devotion are now available on the website. I am particularly thrilled with Devotion because it is a soft blend of lily of the valley and osmanthus flower. The large patch of lily of the valley that grows on the edge of my walking path is just beginning to bloom. I love walking this stretch of the path because, in the spring, the scent is intoxicating. The scent of Autumn Olive wafts across the fields and carries all the way to the house when the wind blows just right. As the Autumn Olive begins to fade, the lily of the valley begins to bloom. This large, beautiful patch of lily of the valley was the inspiration for the Devotion soap and moisturizer.

Although the lily of the valley smells lovely on its own, I tried blending it with osmanthus flower oil on a whim, and the result was absolutely stunning. Devotion is not an overpowering scent. I tend to scent on the lighter side because I personally don't like strong, overpowering scents in products. The blend of lily of the valley and osmanthus flower is fresh, green, soft, and mildly floral. It is not an in-your-face or cloying scent. Rather, it is soft with green undertones and gentle floral notes. I liken it to a mother's love: soft, consistent, gentle, and mild.

My Summer Rose creation is a blend of rose oil and grapefruit oil. Summer Rose is a warm floral scent, and the grapefruit oil brings a bright, fresh warmth to a classic rose scent. My inspiration for this scent was a sugar scrub Jordan's bestie, Raylee, gave me as a Christmas gift. Ray has become part of the family. The Bibbed Wonder, and I think very highly of her. It is no surprise Ray gifted me an all-natural sugar scrub that inspired a soap scent blend. Naming this scent was very easy for me. I felt the grapefruit oil gave the rose scent a warm, glowing quality, much like a summer day.

One would think that after more than twenty years of marriage, my husband would tire of tormenting me. If he is not sticking his finger under my nose, poking me in the butt and yelling bum thumb, poking me in the belly button and singing an inappropriate song, or dissing my canine BFF, he is fabricating outlandish stories. Once I had named the soap Summer Rose and printed out the labels for the soap and the moisturizer, he informed me I had made a grave error in naming them Summer Rose. He told me that Summer Rose is the name of a porn star who was a pioneer at doing all kinds of sick, outlandish things on camera. Sigh. He really does have a twisted sense of humor. He pulled my friend Jenna in on the joke to make his outlandish fabrication even more believable. She stood with a serious look on her face, nodding and confirming his tale. I told them I did not believe them and would not waste my time Googling their story.

Meanwhile, as soon as I was alone, I Googled the name to make sure. For the record, I did not find any connection between the name Summer Rose and the porn industry. Seriously, they are exhausting. They both take advantage of my naive, trusting disposition. I constantly threaten their personal well-being, but they don't take me seriously. Sigh. They tell me it is hard to take me seriously when I sound like an angry hamster.

With the jokes over, no names associated with the porn industry, and the curing process complete, I happily introduce our latest creations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. This year is filled with new floral, fruity, and earthy blends. I am looking forward to the upcoming year.

On this rainy, overcast day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy the new releases, and keep washing your hands.

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