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New Subscription Box Options

I am excited to share our newest option for those who love our products, enjoy special treatment, and adore clean, healthy, good-smelling skin. Just in time for the holiday season, our soap family now has the option to gift monthly or quarterly soap subscriptions. You may choose a monthly subscription or every three-month subscription and receive six full-sized bars of our beautiful handmade goat's milk soaps with a full-size eight-ounce jar of our rich, decadent moisturizer. Of course, we will include a surprise to make you smile. Who doesn't love a surprise?

Monthly subscribers will receive a variety of soaps and a moisturizer that will change from month to month. Our subscribers will be privy to our new seasonal releases before they make their public debut. A monthly subscription gives the subscriber something to look forward to every month, adds an element of anticipation, and, of course, puts a smile on the receiver's face. A monthly subscription makes a wonderful gift. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. We would never bully you into a subscription. If you try it and decide you don't like to smell amazing, don't like smiles, and don't like surprises, you can cancel anytime without penalty...insert a smile and a wink. Monthly subscribers also benefit from a 15% discount on each box.

We also offer a quarterly subscription option. Every three months, our quarterly subscribers will receive a beautiful box filled with six full-size, beautifully handmade bar soaps and a full-size, eight-ounce moisturizer. The soaps will vary from quarter to quarter, and you, too, will be privy to our new releases. Quarterly subscribers will benefit from a 10% discount on each subscription box. Again, you may cancel at any time without penalty. Although anyone who doesn't like smelling wonderful, having clean, healthy skin, and smiling kind of seems like a cotton-headed ninny muggins...just my opinion...insert a giggle.

Of course, one can also make a one-time purchase and try it out before one commits to a monthly or quarterly subscription. From a woman who suffered from commitment issues and always needed an exit strategy for all aspects of life, I understand where one may come from with a "test the waters" attitude. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered. Commitment is scary. Being locked into something against your will is not fun. Our goal is always to give you options and brighten your day.

Subscription boxes make an excellent gift option. My dear friend, Jenna, got me The Book of The Month subscription for my birthday last year. I must admit, dear reader, I loved it. I loved looking forward to a new book every month. I enjoyed the surprise element. I was childlike when they gifted me bookmarks and bags. It was like a little birthday surprise every month. Also, it made me remember and appreciate my sweet friend and her friendship. I want our subscription boxes to create that same feeling for you and your loved ones. Now, if you're going to take it to "that" place, your friends will think of you when they are naked. BUT... they will also think of you when their skin is soft, smooth, and healthy. They will appreciate you when they aren't experiencing dry, cracked hands/elbows/feet. They will smile when they think of you and realize they aren't itchy and scratching from overly dry skin. It's a wonderful way to show your friends and family just how wonderful you really are. Let's be transparent; sometimes, they need to be reminded.

The subscription boxes are lovely little creations that The Bibbed Wonder and I collaborated on. Being the nay-saying curmudgeon that he is, he would not permit me to have our wildly talented friend, Ashleigh Bowman, create a fence with trees and goats to border the box. However, he promised me that if our subscription boxes were well received, I could "go crazy" with my design ideas. Fingers crossed, they go well, and I get to design my dream box. Honestly, it's the little things that get me excited these days.

We could not be more thrilled to create this opportunity. We love what we do, and offering new options, exciting products, and new ways to make you smile is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Well, that and my one-hundred-pound canine BFF bouncing and barking to go for a walk. I love surprises, and I love giving gifts. The subscription box option is something I have wanted to offer for quite some time. I hope you, too, are as excited about this as I am. Please leave us feedback in the comments section. Good, bad, or indifferent, I care about and love hearing what you have to say.

On this lovely, sun-filled day, stay safe, be smart, do things that excite you, create goals and, dance funny when you achieve them, and keep washing your hands.

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