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New Year, New Notebook, and Endless Possibilities

In keeping with the theme of new for the new year, let’s look at what is new and currently available, as well as look ahead to what is new for the upcoming year. I love this time of year. I love organizing, planning, being creative, and imagining possibilities. I know it’s just a mental illusion, but this time of year always feels like a time of new beginnings and endless opportunities for new ideas. My bib overall wearing nay-sayer does not love this time of year. Or, more accurately, does not love my whimsical approach to all things new and endless possibilities. Don’t worry; I will use my superpower of mentally exhausting him into compliance. Grambarb says to find something you’re good at and stick with it. I’m good at wearing down my bib-overall-wearing curmudgeon with relentless and stubborn mental battering.

I know we are just recovering from the Christmas rush, but our latest and, some might say, most humorous new soap is online and available for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. With the help of Facebook voters, my bib overall-wearing comedian chose the mildly inappropriate and humorous name “Panty Dropper” for our latest masculine soap. We used gorgeous Egyptian musk oil to create this soft, sexy, and sultry-scented soap. I would suggest Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise if a scent had a human representation. Think super sexy in faded, worn blue jeans and a soft flannel perfect for snuggling into; then insert Brad Pitt’s svelte hard abs and…well, you get the picture. Sigh. You could also imagine faded bib overalls, a Carhartt t-shirt, a smooth bald head, and a perfectly comforting squishy hair-covered mid-section…whatever floats your boat. Insert a smile and a wink.

For the upcoming year, I also plan to introduce new scent combinations and bring back a few favorites. Honeysuckle, Blueberry Verbena, Orange Blossom and Honey, Cream and Berry Bliss, and Casa Blanca will be making their return. I’m also working on new scent blends, such as vanilla. I’m trying to become comfortable with brown soap; all-natural vanilla turns soap brown; it’s a natural chemical reaction. I think I can make a beautiful brown soap; I think.

I’m also contemplating a Palo Santo soap, Mango and Guava, a new spin on the pumpkin, a pomegranate soap using pomegranate butter, and an almond blend, just to name a few. At the start of each new year, I begin with a fresh new notebook to collect all my ideas. I’m old school; I love writing ideas and lists by hand. My bib overall wearing wonder buns is apprehensive of my notebook, lists, and ideas. He glanced at my new list of soap ideas and already is trying to stifle my creativity. He asked in a rather snarky tone if I planned to make everything on the list or be rational. I merely gave him the stink eye in response.

Little does he know, I’m trying to decide which new product to pitch to him. Jordan votes for moisturizing body spray and sugar/salt scrub. I’m leaning more toward lip balm, lip mask, and lip scrub. I also would like to market the sore nose salve I make for my little buddy and her friends. However, I’m not sure he will agree to any new products after the painful experience with the liquid soap. I have yet to break things down financially or consider needed person-hours and time frames for said new products. I have a ways to go before I pitch him my ideas. Do you have a preference, dear reader? If so, please let me know in the comments.

As the early days of the new year begin, my little idea notebook fills. I enjoy looking back through my notebooks to remind me where I’ve been, how far we’ve come, and where we could go. I know it’s nerdy, but new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils make me smile and my little heart happy. On this sunny January day, stay safe, be smart, look ahead to the endless possibilities, and keep washing your hands.

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AnneMarie Swanlek
AnneMarie Swanlek
05. Jan. 2023

Love your soaps. My girlfriend gave me a bar to try out, I was amazed how great they smelled and how soft my skin felt after words. I then started buying some. Lol my husband ran out if his "Old Spice" body wash and used one of your bars of soaps. He has now switched to only using them. Can't wait for the Panty Droppers to come out, the scent sounds amazing. This Christmas I gave my sons-in-law and grandson some bars of soap. My 15-year-old grandson received some soap from other makers in SC but loved the orange-clove-sandalwood Smiling Goat one and told me he would not use it until school started again as it smells so good.


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