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New Year, New Scents

It’s the time of year when I get to look ahead and plan our seasonal soaps for the year. Hands down, this is my favorite time of year when it comes to soaping. Trying new oils, blending new scents, creating new names, and designing new soaps are something that excites me. I am a planner, so planning our year makes me feel like I have accomplished a big task. I have decided that this year is going to be a blend of old and new soaps, products, and scents.

Beginning in May, I will introduce two new scents along with our classic favorite, Honeysuckle. This year, there will not be a honeysuckle blend. We will bring back our original Honeysuckle soap and moisturizer. I’m also excited about a new Lilac & Vanilla. Everyone who has smelled this scent loves it. Vanilla absolutely turns all soap brown. This is the reason I have never made a vanilla-scented soap. I believe I can create a beautiful soap incorporating the color brown. Fingers crossed, it will turn out the way I envision it. Also, in May, I will introduce a new fresh blend just in time for spring and Mother’s Day. It is a fresh lemon blend with a hint of clean linen. I’m calling this one Springtime Sunshine. If all goes as planned, it will have a beautiful and unique look.

Our mermaid soap will be returning this year with a new coconutty scent. Imagine sun, sand, waves, and mermaids. There will be a new lavender blend and a beautiful mango soap. I’m trying to create scents that cover all scent favorites, from fruity, to earthy and floral, to warm and spicey. I also have plans for new masculine scents. Often, Eric takes the lead on masculine soaps, but our new Father’s Day soap is how I wish my husband smelled all the time. This oil blend is how I imagine Patrick Stewart smells…sigh.

I feel most excited about our new fall and winter line. We finally have come to an agreement that the snowman soaps will not make an appearance this year. Thank goodness! There will be a Naughty soap, a Nice soap, and a winter fairy soap, along with some delicious bakery blends, fresh creations, and fruity winter blends. Cozy, Sweater Weather, Moonlight Sonata, Cranberry Spice, Calm, Cool, and Collected, and the snowmen will be retired for the year. I’m not saying they won’t ever come back, but they are going to be put to bed for a bit.

Returning this year will be Cream and Berry Bliss, Blueberry Verbena, Orange Blossom & Honey, Casa Blanca, Irish Heather, and Honeysuckle. Of course, Elf Fart will make its comeback. As well as Pumpkin Sandalwood. I have blended several versions of pumpkin scents, but none have been as well received as Pumpkin Sandalwood. My bib overall wearing wonder buns informed me if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This is probably sound advice.

I am still in the planning stages of soap designs, but I have some new swirl techniques, embeds, and top designs I am excited to try. There will be lots of glitter. One very wise eight-year-old once informed me that everything is better with glitter. She’s a pretty smart cookie, and I trust her opinion. I will keep you up to date with all the new developments in the soap studio. I hope you are as excited about the upcoming new products as I am.

On this foggy day in January, stay safe, be smart, spark excitement for the upcoming year, and keep washing your hands.

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Jan 18, 2023

Do you still make Irish Tweed? I really like that one.


Will the Naughty soap be black? Asking for a friend.

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