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Nothing But Love

Well, dear reader, we have week one of twenty under our belt for our market season. What a wonderful day it was. It was so good to be back at The Ligonier Country Market with our market family and friends. The weather was glorious! We could not have asked for a better day for opening day. Although it was freezing when we arrived, by late morning, it was fair and comfortable. Seeing the smiling faces of so many of you who have become friends over the years made my heart full. It was such a long winter but to be in the sunshine with so many wonderful, supportive people was medicine to my entire person. We cannot thank you enough for your support, encouragement, and friendship. Days like Saturday make all the hard work and effort worthwhile.

There was a hint of melancholy with the entire market family, even with all the happiness and good vibes. We lost two of our beloved vendors in ten days, and the loss was palpable. These two bright lights were missed, and good thoughts and love were sent out to their families and loved ones. Loss changes the chemistry of a family. Our market family is no different. I believe we will feel this loss for a very long time. We offer nothing but love and support to the families of these individuals.

Although we felt the loss, there were definite highlights to my day. Not only did I get to see some of my most favorite people, but I had the opportunity to meet in person wonderful individuals I have only talked to through messaging. It was so nice to meet Carol in person. Although she lives mere miles from me, she made the trek to the market to show her support and experience the market firsthand. It is gestures like this that make me love the people who support my products. Although it was a hectic day and I didn't have the opportunity to talk with her as much as I would have liked, the act of support was noted and greatly appreciated. I hope she loved the market as much as I do.

We also had the surprise of seeing our top fangirl under the age of 13, Miss Addie. If you remember from previous posts, Addie usually visits us at the Murrysville Market on Thursdays. She was able to convince her mom to get up extra early and make the drive to Ligonier to show us her love and support. We are so impressed with this young lady and her family. I am constantly amazed at the gifts this little endeavor of ours offers up to us. Addie and her wonderful family are definitely a gift. We so appreciate you.

There are so many individuals we appreciate and adore. Getting to see their smiling faces, mostly without masks, was an incredible sight. My dear Ann made the trip from Maryland for the opening day. It was lovely to get caught up with the happenings and ongoings of her and her family. Also, seeing Robbie and Courtney is always a delight. Hopefully, soon Kelly will be joining them as well. It's like getting the band back together. I cannot forget Angela and her sister, Sarah. Seeing these girls and getting caught up with some of the excitement in their lives is always an interesting tale. Their ongoing support is greatly appreciated. We also have several little ones we got to see. Linds and Baby Thea, who is not a baby anymore, were definitely bright spots in my day. Also, our friend Gus who visits us with his G. and Papa, looks more like a little man than our little dimpled baby. Not only is Gus tall, but he is talking so well. I can't believe how much they grow and change in just a matter of months. There are so many others who came out to support us; we were overwhelmed with the kindness and support. Please know we appreciate you and are grateful for all you do.

Although the people are the highlight of the market, I have to mention the food. I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed an Aunt Julia's donut. It was worth every point! FYI, I am doing Weight Watchers as well as Beach Body. I find it ridiculous I have to partake in not one but two weight loss activities to make a difference on the scale. However, WW really makes me more aware of what I am putting in my face. That donut was worth all 10 points! I then had half a grilled breakfast sandwich. It, too, was worth every point. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean added Gosia's perogies to their menu, as well as gyros, Logan Burgers, and pepperoni rolls. I told them I believe they eat all our profits, but they merely grunted at me as they enjoyed all the delicacies the market has to offer.

Saturday was a wonderful beginning to one of my favorite seasons. We thank each and every one of you who helps and supports us. Please know, you make my day, month, and year. As always, dear reader, stay safe, be smart, thank you for the support, and keep washing those hands.

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