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Oh, what Jordan gonna do?

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It's Friday, November 1, where did the time go? My grandma used to say that as you get older, time passes more quickly. Sadly, this appears to be accurate. As I watch my bright, fierce daughter grow, I can't help but think how quickly this has all gone. Where is my tutu wearing toddler who used to look at me with her wrinkled little nose and say, "Oh, what Jordan gonna do?"

Now I watch her in all she does and I think, Oh, what can't Jordan do? She amazes me on a daily basis. My heart aches for the sticky little hand that seemed to be an extension of my own self. Now, every once in a while, she pulls her hand away when we are crossing traffic or walking into a store. This mostly occurs when she sees someone close to her age, sigh. However, I know this is what has to be done, this has to happen. She has friends over now and they run to her room and shut the door. There is part of me that feels the weight of that closed door and it's very defined boundary. But alas, this too is how it is supposed to be.

She now attends public school. I was a public school teacher for 10 years, I still feel disgruntled by what I feel is a discredit to childhood. Today, she has a Fall Festival Party, not a Halloween Party. She wasn't permitted to wear her Halloween costume. However, she was permitted to wear her dream job outfit. I must admit, here choice caught me off guard. I thought she would dress as a veterinarian or a teacher. She informed me she wanted to dress up as a soap maker. In my head, I did a happy little jig. In person, I was the epitome of cool. The icing on the cake was when she looked in the mirror and said, " Wow, I really do look like you!" I can't wait to see what this girl accomplishes in her life time. I can't help but think, Oh, what Jordan gonna do?

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