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One Last Hoorah

Today, dear reader, we are preparing for our final in-person event of the year. One last hoorah, if you will. I say our final event because it is the last one, The Bibbed Wonder, and I will attend. Our dear friend Jenna will be at one or two more. This Saturday, Eric and I will attend the Lone Oak Farms porch vendor event. We will join some of our absolute favorite people to peddle our wares for a few hours on Saturday morning. Although live events are always a bit stressful for me, I am genuinely excited to see my vendor friends one last time before we begin our winter hibernation.

If you are local, I gently encourage you to come out to support this beautiful family and their wonderful farm-based business. There is so much to love about the Simpson kids. I’ve told you all before how much I love and respect what they are doing to keep the small family farm relevant in this ever-changing world. They work together, utilizing their individual strengths to create a successful and diverse family business in the place they love with the people they love. All very cool, in my opinion.

Not only do they work to make their business successful, but they also support dozens of local small businesses. Their year-round store is a representation of local talent, small family farms, and family run businesses. Honestly, it’s like having an indoor option to my favorite Ligonier Farmer’s Market. I can’t say enough good things about the Simpsons, their business, and their support of the community.

Come join us on the porch at Lone Oak Farm on Saturday, December 2, from 10-1. A fresh group of vendors will be set up on the porch from 4-7. This holiday event will run on December 2 and 9. If you can’t make it to 1606 Georgeville Road, Marion Center, PA 15759, you can see one of our favorite people, Jenna Strittmatter, aka Jenna the Elf, at KCAC for an all-day event. Between Jenna’s love of dressing up, her contagious laugh, and her sparkling personality, she is hard not to adore. Get your picture taken with Jenna the Elf; she loves a photo op and Nerds Gummies…insert a wink…and get your soap fix for the year.

On this sunny November day, stay safe, be smart, get out, and support local this weekend; Jenna the Elf will do just about anything for Nerds Gummies, and keep washing your hands.

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