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One Never Knows...

My apologies, dear reader. I am late writing my post, and I'm sorry if I disrupted your schedule. You see, dear reader, I am in a bit of a funk today. Yesterday, we received word that we lost a beloved and valued member of our market family. I will not go into details because I don't know them, and it is not my story to tell. However, the loss of this bright, kind soul troubles me deeply. To have someone removed from this world unexpectedly creates sadness and a vast void. But to lose someone by their own hand is tragic.

Our market family will feel this loss and will grieve this promising young life. I will miss the handsome smile, the shared jokes, the personal conversations. I was not close to this person outside of the market. However, for twenty weeks out of the year, we shared conversations about very personal topics. We helped each other out with insights into our personal lives and our businesses. We supported each other's businesses and our families. When I was in line, this person knew me well enough to know exactly what I would order, and he had it ready and waiting for me, along with a funny comment and a smile. He will be genuinely missed.

The lesson, dear reader, is that one never knows what someone is going through. How deep their darkness goes or how lost they feel in that vastness. This young person had the world by the tail. He was handsome, intelligent, hard-working with a killer work ethic. He was also kind and funny. He had a bright and promising future—a future that was lost to him in a moment, a split second. We need to look out for each other. We need to check in with each other. We need to listen or sit quietly. We need to communicate that we are there for support no matter what. We need to remind and remember that whatever is going on at the moment will pass. No matter how bad one thinks they've screwed up, it will pass. No matter if the situation seems impossible, it too will pass. The days can seem long, dark, and hopeless but always remember, this too shall pass.

Reach out to someone today. Make a phone call, stop by, send a message, extend an invitation. You never know when someone will need it. If you are feeling lost, alone, and struggling, do not suffer in silence.


Just hold your loved ones a little longer and a little tighter today, dear reader.

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Deborah Townsend
Deborah Townsend
May 06, 2021

So sorry to hear this news and the loss you are feeling. Prayers for you and his family and friends. This happened to my very best friend, so I know exactly how you are feeling.


I'm so sorry to hear of this tragedy and the loss you are experiencing! Hugs!

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