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One of the Best. Days. Ever

If I had a running list of all the good days, I have had in my now 48 years on this earth, Saturday would rank in the top ten. We spent all of last week preparing for our Christmas Market, which was held on Saturday. We were both excited for the market and greatly looking forward to seeing our friends and soap family one last time for the season. As always, Ligonier Country Market did not disappoint.

The Christmas market did not begin until noon. We had plenty of time to complete our necessary tasks and get ready for the day. We arrived to set up at ten o’clock, were completely set up by 11:15 and had a few minutes to visit with friends and shop. We then experienced the best day at market we have had to date. Not only did we exceed our sales goal, we were able to meet and connect with so many new, kind and supportive people. It was a wonderful day and we went home feeling elated and fulfilled. I will truly miss the interaction with people that we experience every week at market.

When we arrived home, we unloaded the necessary items from the truck and The Bibbed Wonder went to the barn to check his expecting pig, Charlotte. Wonder upon wonder, Miss Charlotte was in labor and had already delivered eight little piglets on her own. The babies were dry, up eating, and playing with one another. Charlotte was obviously still in labor and the ever-attentive Bibbed Wonder decided if all the babies were dry, she has had perhaps too long between deliveries. There was no sign of afterbirth and when Eric pushed on her flank, he could feel a baby ready to be delivered. Requesting the aide of Jordan, who has the smallest hands and is absolutely fearless, they made a plan to check the birth canal for issues or aide.

I’m sure, many have had similar experiences with their children but as we watched our fearless little bean wash her hands, donned rubber gloves, lubricate her hand and arm like a little surgeon and proceed to gently check an easily 500 lb. sow’s birth canal for babies or issues, we could not have been more proud. Jordan has just come home from a full day at market where she worked so hard for our business helping customers, restocking inventory, doing math, and sharing her knowledge of our products. She then just changes hats and jumps right in to aiding in the delivery of little piglets. This child genuinely amazes both of us and makes us so proud. I admire her fearlessness, her fire, and her pure heart. She truly is a wonder.

Miss Charlotte delivered two more babies, with the help of Jordan, for a total of ten little pigs. I am pleased to report that mama and all the little ones are doing great. They are happy, healthy and active. Charlotte has returned to her comical, humorous self and has settled in to being a good mom. Eric goes out to check on her and the babies several times a day. Charlotte enjoys her time outside, her back scratches, and treats but it is only for fifteen minutes or so. She just needs a breather and then requests to go back to her stall with her babies. She has taken to sneaking up behind The Bibbed Wonder, hitting him in the back of the knee, nearly knocking his feet out from under him, barking, and running away. How a 500 lb. pig can sneak up behind one is a mystery but she is able to achieve this feat on an almost daily basis. I love this pig.

Saturday was indeed a good day and one to log into the record books for a few positives in 2020. There are days when it is abundantly clear that we are showered with blessings and goodness reigns supreme. Saturday was indeed one of those days. It is one I will continue to revisit for a pick me up when the days feel long and bleak.

Dear reader, please continue to stay safe, stay smart, enjoy the small blessings, and keep washing your hands.

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