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Opening Day

This Saturday, May 18th, from 8 to noon, you will find us at our home away from home during the summer, Ligonier Country Market. As opening day fast approaches, despite my trepidation over a daunting schedule, I am growing excited to see everyone. We will be located in the same spot as last year. Although the numbering of sites has changed, our site has remained unchanged. We will be on the main row, just a few spots from the red information tent on the right. This year, our spot number is seven.

Although a bit late in development, I once again have "refreshed" the look of our tent. One bib overall-wearing curmudgeon has been fighting me tooth and nail over the changes. As with everything, I will have to ease him into accepting my new ideas, sometimes allowing him to believe they are his own, pulling rank, and making declarations of what will be regardless of his opinion. Working with one's spouse is a multifaceted dilemma. Sigh. However, despite our differences in creative vision, I know all will be well.

Opening day looks like rain. I continue to watch the forecast with hopeful anticipation that the rain will blow over or go away. As of the 5 a.m. forecast, it looks like this is a genuine possibility. I will continue to remain hopeful that the weather will cooperate. However, I told my bib overall-wearing buddy yesterday that I thought we needed to plan to set up for a rain event. Setting up for rain means we put the sides of our tent up, set the tables inside the tent rather than around the perimeter, and welcome our soap family inside our tent rather than have them peruse our products from the perimeter. Believe it or not, soap and water do not mix unless you are in the shower.

I am excited to display our new spring scents. We will share Honeysuckle, Lilac, Devotion, and Summer Rose. We also look forward to presenting our honeysuckle and almond foaming hand soap and hand soap. I know I am biased, but I believe we have something special with our foaming hand soaps. They are all gentle and moisturizing, but I must confess I am very partial to the honeysuckle scent. Currently, I am trying to negotiate a hand washing station at our tent so our soap family can try our new foaming hand soaps. One grumpy bib overall wearing wonder buns loathes the idea of "taking one more thing to set up and display." Why he continues to fight progress is beyond me. He knows it will happen regardless of how much he protests. After twenty-one years of marriage, one would think he would accept that I have good ideas and that it does him no good to protest them. However, with the impending rain, I may give him a win and forego the hand washing station for opening day.

I have created a new setup for our shelves and crates. I hope to incorporate Ashleigh Bowman's artwork into our display as well. Ashleigh creates gorgeous artwork, and it is a shame not to showcase it. However, again, with the rain, I will probably wait to display Ashleigh's artwork. There is no point in ruining such lovely creations by dragging them out in wet, soggy weather. Hopefully, the spring and summer will dry up a bit, at least for Saturdays during the market season.

On this overcast day, stay safe, be smart, and come out to enjoy the first farmer's market of the year this Saturday from 8 to noon. I suggest you wear rubber boots, a raincoat, and have an umbrella. Having a reusable market bag is a great idea, too. Your Ligonier Country Market family is looking forward to seeing you.

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