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Our Baby Season Has Begun!

Our baby season was officially started off March 1st by Lilla, our beloved pig, on national pig day none the less. It is the time of year when babies become a weekly occurrence. As all the new babies are being born I find it humbling to think how much is truly beyond our control. We took our ladies to see the Billy goat this fall, with the hopes to have babies this spring. As the delivery time for the goats approaches I realize that the well-being of the mothers and babies is out of our control. We have followed all of the steps, prepared for every possible scenario, check the mothers almost constantly, and in spite of it all, all we can do is hope for the best. In the fields of life, you can use the best seed and fertilizer. But, when it comes down to it without the right weather the harvest will be lost. I say, “Let’s be proactive, not reactive.” The reality is we cannot be prepared for every scenario, we try but the universe is full of curve balls. The best we can do is roll with it, do our best and have faith in the positive. If you think of it, throw a few positive thoughts our way and hope for easy births for our ladies.

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