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Our Cup Runneth Over

What a lovely weekend, dear reader. Our Springtime at the Farm event was wonderful. The weather was perfection, my vendor friends did not disappoint with all their unique creations, the food was delicious, the coffee was great, and it was terrific to see so many friendly faces. Hands down, our farm events are my favorite, but especially our spring event. After a long winter of not seeing anyone in person, inviting everyone here is lovely. Thank you to everyone who supported our close-knit circle of artists, small businesses, creators, and us.

The good news is I remained sober for this event. Although, there were a lot of jokes surrounding my Buds to Bloom’s gummy mistake last fall. I did buy a sixty-day supply of gummies from my beautiful friend, Morgan. I learned the hard way to follow Morgan’s directions to a T and only take the gummies before bed. I firmly believe that Buds to Blooms products help me sleep better, lower my inflammation, and help keep my blood pressure in check. I’m grateful for Morgan and Andy’s hard work and quality products.

Many of you inquired about The Bean and were disappointed she was not in attendance. The Bean was participating in the junior high track and field championships. The Bean left before she found out if she placed, but I am pleased to share she had a great time and enjoyed herself. Although she loves to compete and win, the overall experience was most important to her. Next year, we will plan our event around her track and field competitions.

Now, dear reader, it is back to the daily grind. We are officially in “market mode.” We will finally begin creating our new seasonal products for spring and summer this week. I am excited about the new seasonal scents and can’t wait to try new oils, techniques, and ingredients. I have plans for a new vanilla soap I intend to name Vanilla Bean Dream. Depending on how well received it is by our soap family, this new soap may be a permanent addition to our year-round inventory. We shall see.

We are also back to nursing a few of our adult goats with mild maladies. Lily is losing her hair. It could be several factors creating this unsightly situation. It could be a mineral deficiency, mites, or stress. If you remember, Lily is our girl who suffered and survived a meningeal worm. My dear girl is ready for retirement, I fear. I am going to suggest she and her mom, Big Red, remain separate from our billy goat this fall. The girls will not like being separated from the herd, but it is better for their overall health…I think. The most significant hurdle is having enough pasture space to separate them. Again, we shall see.

On Friday and Saturday, it is going to be near eighty degrees with a low of sixty degrees. I plan to bathe Lily and treat her for mites. Until then, The Bibbed Wonder is giving her an iron boost, and she can always access free minerals. There is never a dull moment here. Caring for our herd is a lot of work, but keeping our girls healthy is paramount. Also, this week, the herd has to be dewormed. We usually worm the girls and guys in the spring and fall. When the girls are dewormed, we dump the milk for two weeks. At this time of year, we allow the babies to stay on them rather than wean them. The babies are happy, and we are not wasting precious milk. The dewormer we use makes it safe for babies to drink the milk. We dump the milk out as a precaution; it’s unnecessary during deworming, depending on the dewormer used. Deworming is necessary maintenance to keep everyone healthy.

Our hearts are full as we prepare for the upcoming market season and the school year’s end, maintain our herd’s health, and plan for the fall event at our farm. We are grateful and appreciative of all our soap family does for us. Every time we host an event at our farm, you make us feel what we do is worthwhile. That dear reader, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you.

On this warm spring day, stay safe, be smart, thank you for all you do, and keep washing your hands.

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My husband loved your farm, it was his first trip there.

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