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Photo Dump

Last week, we received the family pictures we had taken for my 50th birthday. Royale did not disappoint. All her patience, hard work, and talent paid off, and we reaped the benefits. She did a great job capturing our little family, farm, and goats. She even got a few good shots of my big handsome canine BFF, although he was most uncooperative. Overall, I am delighted with our pictures.

My bean is quite possibly the most photogenic kid I have ever met. Every shot is flawless. She has that big, bright, open smile, a twinkle in her eye, and she naturally knows how to pose for the best pictures. I love every single photo of her and cannot decide which one is my favorite. I know she’s my kid, and I’m mildly biased, but she’s beautiful on the inside, and it shines through to the outside.

My bib overall-wearing buddy, although quite possibly the most awkward model I’ve ever seen, took some great photos too. I especially love the one with him and his pipe. Royale captured his natural bib wonder-ness. He, too, has those sparkly, mischievous eyes and a smile that goes the whole way to his eyes. If you were a fly on the wall during our photo session, you would have laughed hysterically at his comments, struggles to look normal, and Royale’s scolding of his inability to look natural in front of the camera. His career in Playgirl (is that even in publication anymore?) was over before it ever began.

My photos are the ones I am least happy with and most critical of upon viewing. These photos reinforce I hate my hair. I need to lose weight, and I should have broken out the Spanx. I also should have taken the time to put on full-blown war paint; I mean exaggerated makeup. I was caught a bit off guard and didn’t have my usual week or more to plan or prepare. It also didn’t help that I was coming down with covid that day. Although I wish I were skinny and at least looked 25, I guess for 50; it’s not so bad.

Several of the photos will be used on our website. We are adding a biography page to the site. Also, I am happy to share that we finally had personalized thank you cards printed with our picture with the goats. These cards will replace the brown craft cards with our logo. In the next few weeks, if you order online, you will receive one of our new thank you cards with your order. I’m very excited and happy about this recent change. I plan to switch out the photos periodically to keep things fresh and interesting. Between Jordan, Eric, Jenna, and Morgan, we have some great photos of the goats that I can’t wait to turn into cards.

I’ve included a selection of some of my favorite shots for you to peruse. On this glorious November Thursday, stay safe, be smart, capture the moments, don’t be too critical of yourself, and keep washing your hands.

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