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Poor Ashely Dougherty...

This morning, I awoke, anticipating several inches of snow on the ground. After keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week, I thought today would be blizzard-like. It is not. There is not a snowflake to be seen. Poor Ashley Dougherty on Channel 4 News. Although she is off on what I believe to be maternity leave, she is going to take the fall for the lack of snow. Two years ago, her forecast said we would receive up to a foot of snow. School was canceled, snow clothes laid out in anticipation, sleds taken from the barn to the garage for easy access, and excitement levels that were epic. The next morning, nary a snowflake was in sight. The Bean was outraged. She lamented that poor Ashley Dougherty should not keep her job. After all, how can one claim to be a professional AND be on T.V., make such a huge mistake, and still stay employed? She also wanted to write her a letter telling her exactly what she thought of this major faux pas. I was able to talk her down and save poor Ashley Dougherty from the hate mail of a disappointed nine-year-old.

Today, I am sure it will be no different. The Bean came home for a day, played with her dogs, her goats, and her pony then repacked her bags and went back to GramBarbs. I am beginning to take this personally. The Bean gave me a huge hug and told me, "It's not you, mommy. I just like it at GramBarb's house. Her internet service is AMAZING!" Sigh, I have been dumped for good internet service. Actually, it's way more than that. There is a loose schedule with GramBarb. They go to bed late, sleep until they feel like it, hit whatever drive-thru or delivery strikes their fancy, play games, bake, watch real t.v. and movies, shop online, and get around to school work when all the fun is over. It's a pretty good gig for The Bean. However, I miss her.

The Bean packed all her snow gear in anticipation of more than seven inches of snow. Much talk and excitement was surrounding the snow and being at GramBarb's house. GramBarb has a sunroom that is all windows, and Jordan says, "It will be like being inside a snow globe!" We, too, have a sunroom with a fireplace, and it too is like being inside a snow globe, but GramBarb's is better...sigh. Although there will not be any sled riding, there is the excitement of shoveling GramBarb's driveway. I'm not sure why shoveling GramBarb's driveway is so much more exciting than shoveling our sidewalk, but there is indeed a difference...insert eye roll. Perhaps, it is the fact that GramBarb doesn't nag about school work, teeth brushing, bathing, hair fixing, medicine taking, and junk food eating that makes everything so much better. GramBarb says, "I get to be grandma; that's a lot more fun than being mom." I suppose that is a very truthful statement.

I am awaiting my morning phone call from my bean. I am sure there will be much lamenting on poor Ashley Dougherty, her lack of professionalism, her second huge mistake surrounding snowfall, and the calling for her resignation. Hopefully, GramBarb will not indulge the idea of writing Ashley Dougherty hate mail for her poor forecasting abilities...even though she is off on maternity leave...sigh. Life with The Bean is never dull.

As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, please don't write hate mail to poor Ashley Dougherty, who is on maternity leave, and wash your hands.

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