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Preparing For The Week

We had our last live, in-person show on Saturday. For those of you who came out to show your support for small, local businesses, we appreciate you. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. The weather cooperated, the crowd was terrific, and we got to see some of our favorite people one last time before winter. Life is indeed good. Now, we will put all our focus into our online store and holiday specials.

If you haven't already begun following us on social media or subscribed to our website, this is a gentle reminder to do so. Throughout the holiday season, we will run specials exclusive to our website. Some of these specials will only last for a few hours. Keep abreast of all sales and specials, be the first to know, and the first to save. We have some fun things planned, don't miss out.

Today, I am writing to you on my new laptop. The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean got me a new laptop for my birthday after my trusty sidekick from last century bit the big one. Sigh. I make fun of my husband for being a creature of habit, but I, too, like what I like, and when I find something I like, I stick with it. Luckily for The Bibbed Wonder, I continue to like him. I'm not going to lie; I prefer my old-school Dell over my fancy, red HP. I have a quirky habit of naming my favorite electronics. To date, I don't have a name for my new laptop because she is still too new. I don't have a real feel for her yet if that makes sense. However, I do know she is a girl. I am hoping we will be best friends, but right now, she seems a little showy and high-tech.

Bernice, my old laptop, fit me perfectly. She was heavy-duty, some may rudely say, cumbersome. Her keyboard had the perfect amount of spring to it, and it made a comforting clacking noise when I typed. This new model is disappointingly flat. There is no comforting clacking when I type. It is like a dull thud. I am still getting used to my new colleague. Right now, she is a colleague, but she is not yet a friend. Sigh. I miss Bernice.

My new laptop will grow on me. I know she will. After all, The Bibbed Wonder and The Bean picked her out for me specifically. How could I not love her? It is going to take some time for our relationship to develop. We have to become comfortable with each other. Right now, I would not feel comfortable writing in my underpants with her. We're not that intimate yet. However, she has seen me without my make-up and wearing pajamas. That's progress. She's not going to be as sturdy as Bernice. I will have to treat her with a bit of care and coddling. Considering I can't stand needy things, this might be an issue. However, I feel that with time and more interaction, we will become friendly fast.

My week is looking busy with preparations for winter. Today, I plan to clean out the chicken coop and winterize it with bales of straw, clean litter, wash windows, and caulk cracks. I am ordering an encased heated chicken waterer. Not only will this provide fresh, clean water throughout the cold months, but it will save me from breaking ice every day. Once that is done, the girls and boys will be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

I'm also painting before Thanksgiving. I have my piano room, dining room, and kitchen to do before the holiday. I realized I had better get busy because there are only eighteen days until Thanksgiving. Sigh. I'm not happy unless I'm stressed and rushed. I feel like it is a job that will go quickly once I get started. I just need to get started.

I hope you have a wonderful week, dear reader. The weather is supposed to be lovely for the next few days. If you need to do anything outside, I hope you have time to do it. On this sunny November day, stay safe, be smart, prepare for your week, and keep washing your hands.

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