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Ready or Not, Live Shows Have Begun

Saturday, we had the opportunity to experience a new live show with a new group of talented individuals. The Bibbed Wonder and I ventured off the farm to join the Girl Gang at Crispen Farm in Dawson, Pennsylvania. The handmade, entrepreneurial community always impresses me with its open welcome, willingness to share, and high level of support for others. It indeed has been a wonderful experience to attend these shows, make some really, really good friends, and feel inspired and supported.

Saturday's event was orchestrated by a lovely woman, Katie, who does a fantastic job organizing events. I met several new talented artisans who are genuinely skilled at their craft. There was everything from gorgeous handmade pottery to stained glass to lovely high-quality candles. These gifted individuals take pride in their work and put their best foot forward to create stunning presentations. I was impressed with the level of professionalism.

The morning started with blue skies and warmer temperatures. I even mistakenly told The Bibbed Wonder that I believed we would have a lovely day despite the weather forecast calling for rain and heavy downpours. I do believe, dear reader, that I jinxed us. Although it began sunny, clear, and warm, the day took a turn right around noon when the show began. It began with dark clouds and a light drizzle. Soon, the torrential downpours started, and the temperatures began to drop.

I wore a turtleneck sweater in anticipation of cooler temperatures, but that proactive attempt at staying comfortable was not enough to keep the chill away. We were chilled to the bone, damp, and tired by the show's end. However, despite the miserable weather, people supported this small group of business owners and the farm family who hosted the event. To those of you who support the small business and handmade community, you are appreciated more than you know.

Our live market season begins in earnest this Saturday with the opening day of the Ligonier Country Market. I must tell you, when I look at our calendar and see the next 25 Saturdays scheduled with live events, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Right now, October feels like a long way away, and we won't have an open Saturday until then. I need to get my head in the game, as they say. I know I will feel differently once I get to my Saturday home away from home at space 7 on the grounds of the Ligonier Country Market. Seeing my friends and our soap family and meeting new people will give me that warm, fulfilled feeling I have come to appreciate. We anticipate a good day at the Ligonier Country Market on Saturday, regardless of what poor Ashley Daugherty forecasts. We continue to refer to her as Poor Ashley Daugherty because when The Bean was much, much younger, she placed all the blame for missed blizzards and lack of snow days on Poor Ashely Daugherty. At one point, she was steadfast that she would write a letter demanding she be fired. After all, who can make such a big mistake by miscasting a blizzard and continue to keep her job? Sigh, The Bean has a lot of conviction.

We hope to see you at the Ligonier Country Market. We will be in our usual spot, just a few spaces from the red information tent on the main row. I believe we are site #7. However, I feel that the numbering of tent sites changes every year. We will be in attendance all twenty weeks of the market. Our friend Jenna will be covering Ligonier for us when we attend the Shaker Woods Festival in Ohio in August. We can't wait to see you in person. I am excited for everyone to enjoy the new spring scents. If you are so inclined, please pray for good weather, do a keep the rain away dance, or do a funny dance and declare it is a keep the rain away dance, whatever makes you smile. On this blissfully sunny spring day, stay safe, be smart, come see us in person, and be sure to introduce yourself; life with me is like the movie 50 First Dates. I really am that forgetful these days, and keep washing your hands.

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