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Refresh and Reset

This weekend was a welcome reprieve from all the upheaval that is going on around us. The Bean spent the weekend with her GramBarb. This was an impromptu sleepover date and a welcome surprise. While The Bean and GramBarb were bonding over Skipbo and Rumicube, The Bibbed Wonder and I had a few days of unprecedented alone time. The Bibbed Wonder often jokes that we don't know what to do together without Jordan being present as a buffer. It is indeed odd to have an uninterrupted conversation, no one yelling "Mommy!" or getting to use the restroom alone...I still have Buster's eyes on me, but at least he doesn't talk. This weekend was just what I needed.

I had my Saturday all planned. I was going to finish the task of taking down and putting away Christmas decorations, do a bit of deep cleaning, and do some grocery shopping. With our rare alone time together, all those plans changed. The Bibbed Wonder asked me out for breakfast. Now you must understand, he is reluctant to leave the farm at any time, but Covid has made this an even more rare event. In the past month or so, he has become very protective and diligent about monitoring my comings and goings. Often, he will take over whatever errand I need to run in order for me to stay home. I know he loves me and is worried, but it makes me feel a little stir crazy. So, having him ask me to go somewhere that is not a "necessity" is somewhat of a big deal. I asked if we were going to go to Krouse's favorite breakfast place. They have THE BEST home fries! I was quickly shut down with a look of exasperation and his annoying baritone song of, "No, CooooViiiiid!" Sigh...I settled on a breakfast burrito from the McDonald's drive-thru. At least it was something I didn't cook.

We then went to the feed mill in Smicksburg to pick up feed for the pigs, goats, chickens, and geese. We stopped at the bulk store to pick up a few things, and then we took the long, scenic route home. It was nice to drive about pointlessly and talk about nothing in particular. We so rarely get any time to just be us; it was fun and refreshing. We then came home to unload the feed, refill the pig's feeders, move said feeders, and bed down the little porkers. I am never excited to help with the pigs. They are pushy, cumbersome, and rude at best. I was covered in mud, and God knows what else. My boots were chomped on, and my pants had muddy little snout marks all over them, but we laughed at their antics and gave out back scratches. I cannot spend much time with them. If I would, I could not eat pork. They are just too smart and personable. We enjoyed our day outside, soaked up some sunshine, and unhurriedly spent time with our critters. It was a very good day.

In the evening, we built a fire, enjoyed a few drinks, and laughed about the antics of The Bean, the pigs, and the baby goats. It wasn't deep or meaningful, but it was nice to take a break from the news, social media, and the outside world. This morning, I feel refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on the week ahead. That is a good feeling. We are ready to tackle new soaps, restock inventory, take on cyber school, and deliver more babies. A little downtime, a break from the norm, and some light conversation really do wonders for a person. I hope you, too, were able to take a break, refresh and reset. As always, dear reader, stay safe, stay smart, and wash your hands.

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