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Revisiting The Past

Saturday, we had the pleasure of getting together with The Bibbed Wonder's long-time friend, Jamie. Eric and Jamie attended high school together and reconnected at his class reunion. We have been fortunate to be included in Jamie's circle of friends. Jamie has graciously invited us into her home for the last few years to celebrate the holidays. We met some wonderful people and always had a good time.

Making time to reconnect with people from your past is important. I got to learn about The Bibbed Wonder when he was a kid. I enjoy hearing stories about him and his antics in high school. Jamie knew Eric when he still had hair; this is unfathomable to my little bean. Eric, who tends to be a bit anti-social, enjoys getting together with Jamie and her family. It's always good to hear my bib overall wearing fuzzy bottoms laugh.

In 2024, make it the year to reconnect with friends from different stages of your life. Revisiting the past has value, even if it simply gauges how far you have come. I enjoyed learning about my husband before he became my husband. I like pulling back the curtain to catch a glimpse of who he used to be. Of course, there are funny stories and outrageous antics. He has always been a character; some things never change.

On this chilly January day, stay safe, be smart, enjoy your friends, and keep washing your hands.

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