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RIP Coolio

It is the end of an era, dear reader. Many of you know I have a great love for nineties rap. I can be found blaring Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and LL Cool J. on any given day in the soap studio. Also on my playlist is Coolio. I danced to Gangsta’s Paradise and Fantastic Voyage on many Saturday nights during my ill-spent youth. Sadly, Coolio passed away yesterday. It is the end of a musical era.

My Bean, although only thirteen, is quite familiar with nineties rap. And she is also a fan, although she might not admit it to her friends. She can rap along with Snoop, Biggie, and Eminem with the best of them. We have had many dance parties in our kitchen based on songs like Slim Shady, Regulate, Gangsta’s Paradise, and Mama Said Knock You Out. Coolio has been a staple of my child’s musical training.

Not only is Coolio’s music part of the fabric of our family, but he is also the basis of my favorite sarcastic comment to my child. When I have had my fill of selfies, TikTok dances, and ridiculous TikTok challenges, I raise an irritated eyebrow, put my RBF in place, and growl, “Okay, Coolio. Enough already.” This statement typically results in an eye roll, a loud sigh, and perhaps an overly dramatic duck face. Not the cute but not bright duck face. No, the annoying Kim Kardashian-type duck face. You know what I mean, dear reader. The lips are sticking out, and the scowl reminds one of an angry duck. That annoying duck face is so predominant with teenagers these days. Insert a sigh and sarcastic eye roll.

Coolio will remain infamous and live on forever in our kitchen dance parties and insults to annoying children who make the not cute duck face. RIP, you beat dropping badass. May heaven be filled with cool cars, hotties, sic beats, and all the gin and juice you can imagine. Peace out!

As always, stay safe, be smart, recognize greatness, and keep washing your hands.

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